Patty gets a personal trainer (12 Photos)

Today, Patty started his personal training program with Brian Raymond at the famous Gold's Gym in Venice Beach. Brian is a triathlete. Having completed many marathons and an Ironman Triathlon, Brian now helps athletes with their own personal weight loss goals, general health, or endurance events. Specifically, Brian coaches for the fundraising organization Team in Training while simultaneously working full time as a successful entertainment lawyer in unscripted/reality TV. I should also mention he's a really nice guy.

Prior to starting his own law practice, Brian was Vice President of Business & Legal Affairs at 3 Ball Productions, which produces such weight loss shows as The Biggest Loser, I Used to be Fat, and Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.  His experience working with the foregoing transformational programs, along with his coaching/personal training background, make Brian the perfect candidate to help Patty achieve his weight loss goal.

Brian tells me today that Patty's weight loss is about Calories In vs. Calories Out. The calories Patty now takes in provide and sustain energy for his intense daily exercise program which includes a combination of three different types of training every day, card core training/boot camp classes in the morning and strength training in the afternoon. Strength training today was the infamous Circuit Training, 7 different strength exercises for one minute each followed by 5 minuts of cardio. Each 'set' is then repeated 3 times.

But Patty has to burn many more calories than he takes in and do it safely. As you know, we've also hired the best Nutritionist in Santa Monica, Adam Friedman at Advanced Athletics to closely monitor Patty's diet through this whole process.

Now things get tough. Patty is down from 225 to 214 lbs. Those 11 lbs. were the easy pounds. Now we begin the hard pounds. Patty has been a trooper through all of this. He doesn't complain and he knows that his long-term health is on the line. He's determined and he tells me that, whenever he's down, he reads the emails from the Chivers to pick him back up. Well done as always, Chivers.

As always, you can contact Patty directly at Pattydontbefat [at] gmail [dot] com.

To contact Brian Raymond for any health/personal training questions: [at] gmail [dot] com

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