What the hell am I supposed to make of emo/scene girls? (29 Photos)

  • double bj

    they are all sexy in their own way..+ they usually crazy in bed..they love it !!! the problem is… they are what…16 years old!!!!!! 😦

  • Anton

    These are the kind of pople you have a one night stand with!

  • Tony_King10

    Scared yet strangely aroused

  • Dick LeGrande

    I don't know, they look like regular girls to me, I'll bang em……long. But I wonder, do they remove the hardwear before giving lipp service? Like #8….just askin.

  • http://bryainiac.tumblr.com/ bryainiac

    #12 is Victoria Murder and she is actually a really cool person and a hot model.

  • mith

    #26 That a dead animal on her head?

  • Dongo

    I would love to taste me some GINGIE!!!! #21 Oh, and how about a little more of #17!!!!

  • marge

    i think #3 is pretty

  • Birdhaus32

    I know what you're suppose to "make" of emo girls. You make-a the sexy time with them!

  • Tankus

    #20 Doesn't look either emo or scene apart from her weird body position

  • Carfagno2

    They aren’t “emo girls”, they are alternative girls (I wish) and I have much ❤ for them and more! Thank you for the attempt though chive, please add more to this thread.

  • Stormy

    I want everyone of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chivemaster

    #1, #2, #3, #13, #18 are all hot

  • somedude

    You fuck the emo out of them, that's my doing.

  • dmm

    thank you, chive. this and your tattooed girls galleries brighten my day…

  • hapa_nerd

    Why thank you!

  • trevor

    is it bad that i think most of them are cute? some bad ones though, like #26 and #29 lol. brutal

  • nosebleed


  • steveblob

    Regardless of my opinion on the style #10 is still awesome to me

  • Jebb

    What do you make of them? That they're out of your age group.

  • Padilla

    What we do with all hot females Pinky, fap till the end of the world.

  • Locke

    I have dated two scene girls, one of who'm made the pink haired piercing girl look normal…and I must say- underneath all of that makeup and "two hours to style" hair, you have a normal girl! A normal girl who is so desperately starved for attention that if you do not greet her with some form of compliment in your very first sentence, you will have to deal with pouty-face-mcgeee all day.

    That being said, some of these girls really are pretty. They are just going through an awkward phase. It was my mistake to think I could end this "phase" for one of my girls, but it was not meant to be.

    Shame. Many of these girls are obviously very pretty. I think. My computer only displays a few thousand colors so I may not be seeing them in all of their glory.

  • Steb

    They aren't that bad

  • Always Last


  • Mika

    I wonder if anyone knows that half the girls are photoshopped…=/

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