• Connie Quirk

    Definitely need an all Corgi post ! #21, #7, #10, and #17 are adorable! I love Corgis! But not as cute as mine:) #14 is pretty darn cute too!

  • kate

    It's just not the same as cats!!

  • G-Man11

    I love cats, they're delicious!!

  • Dustmiretheturd

    #6 Scene kid pup

  • Anonymous

    No NO!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rosie-Fay/710981393 Rosie Fay

    #9 Oh to be that happy…

  • http://www.angelsfire.nl/?p=19950 Angelsfire.nl » Puppie Pictures

    […] er iemand gek is op dieren dan ben ik het wel en daarom zet ik dan ook deze prachtige en schattige Puppie Pictures neer zodat jullie ze ook kunnen zien. Je zou er zo verliefd op worden! Wat een schatjes allemaal . […]

  • deeznutz

    In pic 1, what kind of dogs are those?

  • zach

    i'm listening to Dog Whistle. you've probably never heard it before..

  • That Guy

    i need to see #24 birth certificate. he does not look like a puppy.

  • AiAiAi


  • doggielove

    what dog breeds are #1 and #7?

  • nikky

    cho chweet puppiescho chweet puppies

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