‘Go West Lloyd’ artist paints Shay Maria, meets her (15 Photos)

Since we posted 'Go West Lloyd' on theCHIVE artist Madison Gregory has blown up. His unique oil paintings of movie scenes have captured the attention of the filmgoing public and we're glad to say we had a hand in his current success.

A month ago, Madison called me after seeing Shay's photo gallery presented without photoshop and said he'd like to paint 'A Shay'. After he finished the painting, we brought Shay and Madison together at theCHIVE offices so Shay could see herself immortalized on canvass and sign the back of the painting (I think I got a good angle on that one). Shay freaked out with excitement and I can only imagine what Madison was thinking after meeting the girl whose face he'd been staring at for weeks.

As always check out Madison Gregory's amazing website. Shay Maria has a massive cult following these days. If you're a fan, you can actually bid on the painting right here and bring home the original 'Shay' by Madison Gregory. It really is an amazing piece.

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