In honor of Billy D Williams’ birthday, I give you Hump Day (40 photos)

  • jimbo

    #10 #35 #38

  • LTW

    Someone ID #26 so I can find the full video and do some 'research'

  • Michel Payette


    Very nice ladies…

  • cwhoa

    didn't recognize her with so much clothing on

    • TwT

      And without a dick in her hand

      • Chivemaster

        Well played sir.

  • jdman

    #20 the thong no doubt

  • efrainoscar

    #20 me neither 😀 ….. #34… wow!

  • jjj

    I don't understand why #30 isn't mentioned in every comment. Very nice.

  • dave

    #34 crotchless? I'm seeing pussy there. Way to go Chive!
    #2 drop the Victoria's Secret model pics, their flat asses aren't cutting it anymore, the Chivettes are way hotter.

    • Pestp

      That is just material or a meaty vgina. Nice imagination though

  • Wigs

    #29 Damn this dude has good taste, he should be picking the hump day finalists!

    • anon

      I couldn't get all of my favorites on there, there were a lot humps who barely missed the cut. I'll gladly accept the role of Hump Day Judge though.

  • yourmomonchive

    #11,#18,#38 , non epic yet realistic must be the chive wives demanding to be posted, the rest are epic beyond words.

  • 99Dug

    Thank you for #6 and #8. #26 is cheap and tawdry….and I loved it!!

  • Nick

    #2 has an awful butt – please delete

    • Presto

      Bad angle. Trust me it looks better when my balls are slapping against it.

  • Dan

    All Chivette Hump Day, PLEASE!!!

    • my charlie

      I'm in 😉

  • chivealive

    #20 the one one the left, th other makes your ass look big!

    #30 Winning

  • barabotz

    #35 is just leaving me speechless…had a hard time getting past that to the rest of the post…solid work yet again Chive.

    • LTW

      hehe thats Jenna Haze she leaves a lot of people speechless

  • bless1

    #16,#21,#34- that is all. A bunch of flat ass on hump day 2day?

  • jonb

    To the amazing people who put this hump day compilation together. I was having a pretty shitty day until i saw this post. AND not only were there some great ass pics but the gif at the end was priceless. i laughed until i cried. Outstanding work, Chive on!

  • Toots McGee

    #35 MOAR!! Wow, what a beauty!

  • blurr95

    #10, #12, #34, #20, GAAAHHHHH!!! TGIW(ednesday)….
    btw #20, i pick the left one… 😀

  • Red


    When in doubt sweetie, just go commando. Seriously, we won't mind…

  • Allena VanWerkhoven

    Pretty sure everyone at work thinks I'm a lesbian. Oh well, theChive is worth it!

  • 123

    WTF Chive? Why do you have kids in 39?

    • 123

      You thumbs down me being upset at having kids getting jizzed on mixed in with hump day post? Seriously? Screw you, perv. I don't want your thumb up anything anyway.

  • Rick

    #26 held me captive for a while

  • FMR

    Dave, think you are right about #34. Like it even more now.

    • ltw

      Either its a phot shop on the color of the panties or a change in color from black to nude at the crotchline if you zoom in in adobe you can see panty there although a differnt color.

  • data

    #20 the one on the left

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