• Guest55

    Behold the power of string?

  • Tim

    Many are fake/computer generated/fancy editing.

  • Adam

    He would make THE best paperboy.

  • Matt

    My friends, meet God

  • psyayay

    name of the song

  • uhhhh son

    I'm in love

  • http://twitter.com/CerealFede @CerealFede

    bossy your doing like it

  • Matt

    lol thats pretty cool.

  • BigD72

    You, sir, are awesome. EPIC WIN!

  • Tristan

    only one comment necessary:
    Like a boss

  • Mike

    I've tried to twirl my toothbrush a million times to day. No success.

  • thetech2

    still awesome

  • Anonymous

    Does someone know the name of the song?

  • CortezdaKiller

    Like a Boss without giving a Fuck

  • Josh


    Like a boss.

  • Anonymous

    Damn….. epic.

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