‘Sideboob Girl’s’ name is elusive, her pictures fortunately are not (17 HQ Photos)

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past several months you’ve seen and heard of a busty girl in artsy photos that has simply become known as the ‘Sideboob Girl.’ We’ve had tons of ‘Find Her’ demands flooding our email every time a new photo of her surfaces. However, to this point nobody knows much about this girl other then that she is Russian model with cans that if banged against the earth are capable of spinning the planet’s alignment off its axis. A Chiver hinted that he thought her first name might be Natasha but that’s all speculation at this point

Whoever she is, she is a wonder of modern science and a beauty to behold. If you are able to find her true identity email us at theCHIVE submit account HERE. Enjoy her gallery and go to the photographer’s website for more NSFW content.

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