• chloe


  • bobby


  • trololololo

    first trololo

  • disturbed

    He must have AOL on TWC.

  • tico

    4 th

  • Mr. Ford

    "Ahhh, it's all poopy"

  • Brad

    I just finished reading "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep". It was ok, most amazing thing was that it was written in the 60's or whenever. Other than that it's just ok for me. I think it's a stretch when people say it's their favorite book…

    • Zane

      It's one of my favorite books, so I guess that's not too much of a stretch. Sorry you didn't like it too much.

  • DaddyD

    Everyone knows the future will run on Macs.

    • Knuckledonkey


    • Macs Are Bad

      Funniest comment of the day. Completely asinine, but hilarious.

    • Nicholas Warner

      Im assuming this will get at least 100 thumbs down by the end f the day

    • Pufffdragon

      If the future runs on macs then we know hipsters have well and truly taken over the planet.

  • Anon

    He needs a solid state drive… 45 seconds from pushing power to checking the chive.

    • Nick

      with ubuntu running on sandy bridge with some new 10 core xeon's

  • Mark

    I just watched Blade Runner last night! Chive, are you spying on me?!?!

    • Chive Mainframe


  • Brad

    somewhat loosely, you realize it once you read the book…

  • McBeastie

    OK, that was alright. But on an unrelated note….maybe this is a good post to ask the Chive about that stupid fucking "digits" ad on the right side of the screen. You could not be serious with that Euro trash looking douchebag trying to sell how to pick up girls. What the fuck?

    • Sheenfaced

      I think they use "smart" target advertising. For example, the ad I see is for a vial of Tiger Blood, because that's what the ad agencies know interests me, and is appealing to me. For you, there is a douche-bag trying to sell ways to pick up girls…

      • Nick

        Mine is for TurboTax…

        I should probably do my taxes…

      • F-U

        They keep trying to sell me a book…How to live with your enormous penis.

  • Finster172

    Great, that means we're ages away from sex robots!

  • Rone-Zo

    thanks for clearing that up Dan

  • Peter Rios

    Not complaining but can you guys upload your vids onto Youtube? Twould be better. Im just sayin.

  • El futuro según Blade Runner

    […] El futuro según Blade Runner…  por roybatty hace 2 segundos […]

  • dingo

    Credit where it's due, the video is on youtube posted by the guy who corrected it..StS' Blade Runner – Sneak Peek

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • its_forge

    Yeahno. June 2019. That box will probably be running on some modified version of the Android OS running Google Voice and boot in three seconds. Definitely NOT any Windows.

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