• Sarah

    You look sweet, mind if I lick you to find out?

  • thetech2

    not sure of the translation from russian but something like hers something you never heard before why don't you buy me a drink take me home and fuck me roughly translated

  • Vin

    Can I use your panties to make soup?

  • thetech2

    this place is boring lets go to your place and fuck

  • JJJ

    Hey, my name's Jay.

  • Nixh3x

    If you were a booger, I'd pick you first.

  • Bazinga

    1. You've got more butt than an ashtray!

    2. If you were a hamburger at McDonald's, you'd be a McGorgeous.

    3. If I had to choose between winning the lottery and going out with, I'd pick the lottery, but it'd be close. Really close.

  • Bazinga

    You can Star Trek this one up. . . "If you were a phaser, you'd be set to STUN."

  • Bazinga

    Your dad must have been a parking cop, because you've got FINE written all over you.

  • YoungCosby

    I can haz vagina burger?!

  • PePa

    Hi, my tong is 6 inches long and I can breathe through my ears.

  • Ben

    Did you just fart? … Cause you just blew me away baby.

  • Burchill

    Let's not make this rape and murder

  • Eduardo

    I bet you a kiss that you don't wanna kiss me.

  • hhaa

    Were your parents retarded? Cause you sure are special.

  • Kyle

    Is that a new perfume? Or do you naturally smell like warm biscuits?

  • errrmm

    Walk over and take the ice out of her drink, drop it, stamp on it, then say; "now that i have broken the ice can i buy you another drink?"

  • FiNcH

    Names are useless, can i buy you a drink?…………… BAR TENDER 15 KAMIKAZES

  • Zach

    Offer her $10,000 to sleep with me. Never pay… Have fun collecting slut!

  • manoman

    Me: "Did it hurt?" Girl: "Did what hurt?" Me: "When you crawled from the fiery bowels of Hell itself!?"

  • Steve

    Victoria Secret is missing an angel. I just found her…..

  • cynic_74

    GUY: How 'bout I buy you a drink?
    GIRL: I told you. I've got a husband.
    GUY: I'll buy him one too.
    GIRL: He's out of town.
    GUY: My favorite kind. We'll drink to him.
    from the film "Body Heat" written by Lawrence Kasdan starring Kathleen Turner & William Hurt

  • Dustmiretheturd

    Hey i have the aids, wanna roll around in broken glass and fuck?

  • CrashTheAndys

    I'd love to take you shopping… do you have a passport?

  • The Great Gonzo

    Would you like to try something my mom made?

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