• jaycen

    excuse me, do you have some dutch in you? No, well would you like some?

  • thetigz

    I hope you don't have good firewalls. Cause I want to access all your ports.

  • guest

    Are you from Jamaica?
    Cause ya making me crazy

  • jim

    I'll suck the fart right out of your ass…


    Hi, did you know you're tits get bigger when you show them in public?
    (if she gives you a negative response)
    Ok, so now that I know you're not a slut, HI my name is….

    (if she shows you her tits, it's all gravy from there!)

  • bill

    lets go to your place and practice reproduction.

  • Drunk Rugby Player

    There are three tampons walking down the beach a heavy flow, a medium flow and a light flow. what one of them talked first???

    None of them they are all stuck up bitches.

  • Aramid

    You must be one lucky girl.


    BECAUSE YOU'RE TALKING TO THIS GUY! *thumbs pointing to self*

  • Ivan

    Ha, that’s definitely Brigham Young University. The Print Building . Definitely weorkd there for a summer. Glad to see that there are some chivers in Provo. Of all places though

  • AverageJoe

    Go up to her – Hi, my names _____ and I have a problem that I think you can help with. I want you to pretend your in my shoes. You see this really cute girl across the -whatever location your at- and not sure what to say to her. What would you say? – She says whatever- Oh, silly me i just started by saying hi my names ____

  • Spencer Barnes

    Someone farted, let's get outta here

  • barry

    did you know the people of scotland didn't believe in shapes with more than 4 sides up until 1955?

  • Checkm8er

    Of all the girls I'm gonna sleep with this year, you're definitely in the top 5.



    hey qt, how do u like ur eggs in the morning? scrambled or fertilized?

  • bob

    can i have a picture to of you to give to santa, i wanna let him know what i want this year

  • Kyler

    Wait, don't drink that….I pissed in that one. It was suppose to be for your friend

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