Chive Everywhere (41 Photos)

'Chive Everywhere' has blown up thanks to our Chivers. I can't believe this little blog my brother Leo and I started just a couple years back has gone global. But it's our Chivers who make the Chive and 'Chive Everywhere' what it is.

All you have to do is snap a photo of yourself Chivin'. Make sure that familiar green Chive screen is somewhere in the shot. The key to this thing will be creativity. Simply taking a photo of your desk won't make the cut. - Tossing gasoline on your desk and lighting it on fire will make the cut.
Use our handy-dandy submit page to send us your 'Chive Everywhere' photos and collect internet fame.

Chive On!

  • Jack_Mehoff

    got to admit – I wish I thought of it first!

    • GRyde

      Got to admit I suddenly had a temptation to lock and load!

  • Lauren Gentile

    I think that man is a brave, brave soul….but holy shit does the Grand Canyon scare me!!! I could NEVER do what he did!

    You've got an awesome memory Jack. 🙂

  • Felcus

    #39 = Long Beach Dub Allstars, not Sublime

    • RIP Brad

      They may call themselves sublime but they are FAR from it

    • Tstrang

      It's Sublime with Rome Felcus. Not LBDAS.

  • @rockerpenguin87

    HELL YA #9!!!! I ❤ the Bruins!!!

  • Adee Do

    Wrong picture, I really need to learn what I am doing. ._.

  • Brother Maynard

    #41 I want to Chive there.

    • Brother Maynard

      And by Chive I mean cum.

  • Danny Daly

    #17 Anyone win that date with Dawn yet??

    • Adee Do

      Call her! I was wondering the same thing.

  • mario

    #32… thats the fastest time I ever lost a boner!

  • Dominican

    #3 dude clean your keyboard

  • Matt Nowak

    #41 Now that's just freaking hot!!!!

  • Hannah

    #28 yeah thats a penis on the board 🙂

  • gilligan

    Sorry about the keyboard cover, since been cleaned.
    I'll do better next time.

  • Alex McGlone

    Check your messages, jeeze.

  • Griffin Heath

    #39 Luv some Sublime~!!! B)

  • naked

    #20. I will not name my panda john!

  • Toots McGee

    #30 Stormwater engineering??? No fucking wonder you were bored.

  • scull20

    #10…Boucke Building: Computer Lab, Room 214.

  • FormerBudSmoker

    If you are a pothead, check out "Sensi" (#8) on the album Right Back. Soooo many great times tokin' it up to that song in my Lemans back in the day

  • AeroMace

    Thought my boys at OU would like that! Sorry I spelled Laboratory wrong lol – way to represent…

    • hMMMM

      Yeah…there's a reason why you're a OU.

  • Nate2003


    • Yucky

      FUCK YEAH!!!! This is Darrin, by the way.

  • Tomas

    #3 I'm soooooo jealous. :$

  • Tyler Kirkland

    #6 Rebel Alumni here! GOOOO South, class of 2005!!!!!

  • Jade Pickens Stohel

    My alumni. Boomer Sooner!

  • Shann Congdon

    #34 Nice to see another Chiver from the canyon! 😀

  • AuSome

    #26 Where was this taken? NAIT? GMac? UofA?

    • steezyshredder

      this definitely looks like gmac classes…since im a student there

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