• switch_24

    nasty, nasty dog!

  • -KhmerStory-

    That's still more than I can get…

  • Forrest Herron

    that dog is going to town, thats hysterical!

  • ryan

    can't really see, but the mom looks hot

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    you heartless people, that dog is raping an innocent pillow and you get the camera?!? shame on you!

  • ken

    Baby could've upstaged the dog with a mere suckle.

  • JonUSN

    yeah i think maybe 'mom' on the left could have future lower back problems


    find mom!!!

  • Picard_

    He must have seen today's Redhead post –

  • Ryan Smith

    No need to apologize here Bob, a dog (video bombing?) by way of humping inanimate objects is always laughter gold!

  • Luke Evans

    Focus on the mum a bit more

  • Jason

    MOAR of Mom!

  • Grace

    Don't worry. If I fail my exam today, I won't blame you.

  • Glizz

    Thanks to Michael J Fox for the cinematography.

    • The Pict

      LOL. I don't care who you are that there was funny.

  • financial aids

    There is something about hot moms that always get me…

  • Diana Santos

    he was just trying to have a baby too…:p

  • majorfathead

    somebody puts their head on that pillow

  • Flick

    This has got to be the lamest vid i've seen on the chive in quite some time.

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