I have a whole new respect for scaffolding builders (32 photos)

Images from [Scaffoldage.com], the coolest scaffolding website this side of the Mississippi.

  • mike

    forgot the statue of liberty one

  • Chelios

    ahaaa so many sticks……

  • Evariste

    It's beautiful!
    Maybe that's the mathematician in me touched but I love it.

  • nightmare

    Now these are just some of the people who deserved to make millions of dollars ,not these stupid over rated Hollywood actors and actress who can't act if there life depended on it .

    • sexualniner

      I’m not sure if you quite understand that we countries would go broke if they paved the work horses millions instead of a few actors millions. Think about it, champ.

  • bartman

    Jackie Chan said that

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Not for all the money in the world…hell with all that

  • FURC

    #10 and #12 are not scaffolding. #22 and #25 are sick.

  • topher

    I used to be a scaffolder, but here in australia, it's pretty safe. you have scaffolding for your scaffolding and build both as you climb. Long hours but awesome money

  • dextosterone

    These guys must have been good at building models with toothpicks

  • Emil MD

    #22 and #26 are cool

  • Sandwiches1123

    #17 beginnings of the first Borg ship.

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