Katrina Bowden was just named the Sexiest Woman Alive. So… is she? (19 Photos)

30 Rock's favorite airhead, Katrina Bowden has been named the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire. I will say there's some photos in here that have been placed in the 'Private' folder on my hard drive.

For the rest of Katrina’s unbelievable Esquire shoot, click here.

  • ksill

    no friggin way

    • SweetAwesomeness



      • BeccaB86

        My thoughts exactly. And I used to respect the opinions at Esquire.

      • Bud Ugly

        Agree. I like her, and she's quite sexy… but not sexiest.

      • Sid

        agreed. sexiest is a significant thing. She's cute. I need more evidence of sexy

      • topher

        needs more breastusus

    • sully23

      Too skinny. Nice tush though

    • Flicka

      Sexy, yes, but I've seen sexier chivettes.

      • fool

        my thoughts exactly

        • Phondo

          "fool. my thoughts exactly"
          kinda funny

    • swizz


    • phreleysboots

      totally agree!!!

    • nemesis

      Agreed. Good photography is one thing, sexiness is another.

  • yourmother

    oh most definitely

    • damn son

      She's no Minka Kelly…

    • yourmother

      Minka Kelly? Really? This girl is way hotter then her

      • Sir Stix-a-lot

        I guess if thats your opinion…I feel sorry for you brunettes rule-

  • Anonymous

    Just another blonde

  • Dan

    Not even close.

    • matt


  • FeeFeeG

    Pretty sexy…but where I'm from, "KATRINA's A B*TCH!"

    -Fee ❤

    • MikeK

      …and where are you from?

      • DistractedIndividual

        Must be New Orleans.

        • FeeFeeG

          You got it 😉

          • Drakiechan

            I'm over in st. bernard parish =) cajuns FTW

    • BobSugar


      I'm going to NOLA tomorrow for the weekend. Any suggestions?

      • zombie

        a snorkle lol

      • FeeFeeG

        Penthouse has the best girls. The dance clubs are fun too! Maybe I'll see you out.

        -Fee ❤

        • BobSugar

          8 Canal Street, Harrahs…and I would be so lucky Fee.

  • VTN

    #11 and #19 pretty much say it all!
    om nom nom

    • tony

      sexy but still just a baby,you perverted wierdos

  • Bob

    I don't see it…

  • Finster172

    #18 I want one!!!

  • Sherwood

    Nope. Our Chivettes got her beat hands down.

    • aleXTC

      yeah our Lauren is way hotter.

    • bob

      hahaha what? do you look at the chivettes on Friday? This girl is way hotter than the majority of them

  • HoratioBoobles

    she needs to eat a few sandwiches in a couple of those

    • Smuggler

      Exactly what I was thinking. Unbelievably hot in the rest though.

    • Rockogre


  • oh.yes

    no… she's not. our Chivettes are collectively the sexiest woman alive.

  • mongo

    Me say… one of the most sexiest

  • Timmeh

    She's hot, but not the sexiest in the world.

  • Henrik

    Sexy, but not the sexiest women alive.

  • Dan

    Olivia Wilde is 10X sexier than this woman.

    • ROK247

      i totally agree, but to be fair, these photos don't do her justice. when she is on 30 rock just standing around she is extremely hot. and any shot that has tina fey in it instantly makes her 100x hotter. probably the reason why she never gets to do anything on that show.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kevin-Hulett/1102363732 Kevin Hulett

    She hardly has any ass at all!!! =

    • Mark

      yep. she needs some assatall added to her vitamin regiment!

    • isawoj

      #19 Yes, clearly that is a flat ass. o.0

    • its_forge

      It's a teeny little butt for sure but it's not nonexistent. There are plenty of things to pick on about this woman, primarily that she's a lollipop girl (giant head, tiny body) but her keister isn't one of them. Hell if you're going to pick on her for that bottom you'd have to disqualify all but about 2 of the Victoria's Secret models as well, and nobody is arguing they're not sexy.

  • MikeK

    Yup… Cute for sure, but she's got nothing on Lauren! =)

    • MikeK

      Whaaat? People don't think Lauren Gentile is at least as hot??? Get off the crack, people.

      • dasuperfan

        I've been noticing a trend lately where a lot of chivers have no idea whats going on in the chive they just thumb something up because everyone else did or thumb something down because everyone else did … if i could I'd thumb your Lauren post up fifty times shes fuckin way more delicious then this chick

      • its_forge

        "She's got nothing on Lauren" would mean that Lauren is so much hotter than Katrina that she is in an entirely different league, which is in fact true.

  • uhhuh

    She's a hottie, But there are several Chivettes that are wayyyy sexier than her. Just saying

  • figurefour

    A little waify for my taste, but very cute.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Luis-Alvarado/100001257613239 Luis Alvarado

    everyone has there own taste very attractive but not sexiest.

    • Anon


      Trolling is A art

      • Monty44

        "A" should be "an"

  • pjsupremex

    go beat her ass Shay!

  • beer

    She farts too much.

  • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    #11 – Nice Ass………but(t) like most before me……..not the sexiest ALIVE!!!!

  • Lauren Gentile

    Minka Kelly will always be the sexiest woman in my eyes (or one of them). But Katrina is definitely hot regardless.

    • mark

      Neither could hold your jockstrap… that is, if you wore one.

  • mtpuckhead

    I wouldn't kick her out of bed unless she wanted to fuck on the floor.

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