Katrina Bowden was just named the Sexiest Woman Alive. So… is she? (19 Photos)

30 Rock's favorite airhead, Katrina Bowden has been named the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire. I will say there's some photos in here that have been placed in the 'Private' folder on my hard drive.

For the rest of Katrina’s unbelievable Esquire shoot, click here.

  • http://jameskruger.blogspot.com/ JAMESJ

    BM Always Right on!!

  • Sugreev2001

    #15 I think that explains why she was chosen

  • LSU LabRat

    #10, I'm shopping at the GAP.

  • Frank M

    I don't know. After checking out the Esquire site & seeing the pics & video of Sarah Shahi, my vote's going to her. She is sexy as hell & she one-ups Bowden in the curves department.

  • Random a**hole #817

    Honorable mention is more befitting

  • Madd_Dawg

    Chivettes are much hotter than her! She is ok just not my type.

  • Bryan

    Hot, yes. Sexiest woman alive, no.

  • Erp Derp

    She is not the sexiest woman alive. There are at least 100 others who would top her

  • eclipze

    Esquire needs to visit more often.. One of the Sexy Chivers Friday will make the re-write their history ! GO CHIVERS!!!1

  • Tim

    I agree.

  • Adam

    I wouldn't kick her out of my bed, but there are sexier people.

  • MachoMan

    She has totally no curves. Anything under a C-cup is a dude in my book.

    • knihg

      by those standards there are a lot of dudes I want to fuck.

  • Zip

    Who is in charge of these nominations? this is just ridiculous, there are much sexier women out there, just seen on the chive, like most of the Chivette's are more attractive than this chic.

  • kinhk

    the 2 girls in photo 4 blow her out of the water as well as half the girls at my gym. She is just average.

  • cman

    #19 mind the gap!!!

  • AtomManhattan

    Not really, but I won't lie and say she wouldn't get completely wrecked by this dude…that is one spectacular ass, btw.

  • dfrench3

    I would have to say that there are sexier chivettes

  • musetv

    beautiful, sure. but kelly brook should never have been knocked off the top spot

  • TheOneWhoComments

    The other two girls on #4 are way hotter.

  • Aaron

    At the sight of #3 my penis split into three heads like a hydra and began to snap and hiss at the monitor and I had to soothe it and say, sorry my pet, it's only a picture, back to sleep now.

    • Aaron

      sorry make that #4 damn typing one handed.

  • agon23

    all she has is a cute face. no tits or ass

  • Kevin

    #4 Whose that on the left, I know the other two

  • grumpy

    she is cute and sexy but NOT the sexiest alive

  • Harrison

    she's got a cute face but she's nothing compared to most generic hot chicks.

    plus she's so skinny. An lesser female specimen.

  • dbones

    she's not even close. the picture of her with the other two shows it. The Chive's Lauren is far more sexy.

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