theCHIVE toolbar now available for download!

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a alexa chive toolbar theCHIVE toolbar now available for download!

We’ve had a ton of requests for a CHIVE toolbar so we finally got around to building one. Now you can have your finger on theCHIVE’s pulse wherever you are trolling on the interwebs. The toolbar includes:

  • Shortcut to
  • Shortcuts to DAR, Sexy Chivers, and Funny pics
  • Realtime RSS Feed so you are notified of new posts before anyone and have the chance to comment first
  • Internal CHIVE Search bar
  • Shortcut to your personal Facebook account
  • Shortcut to Gmail

Click HERE to download and install theCHIVE toolbar

a install theCHIVE toolbar now available for download!

*Only available on Firefox and IE, sorry Chromers.

  • Pete

    Well, this sucks.

  • I cannot believe you had the nerve to install Yahoo toolbar on my system without asking permission.

    St. Louis, MO

  • sikofitt

    What about us Mosaic users?

  • Miha Perhavec

    I use chrome:/ But i did go and download firefox, install it there, just in case😉

  • nomoremommy

    Son I am Dissapoint. the Chive toolbar looks like shit.

  • No one likes toolbars sadly fix your iphone app.


  • slim

    Great (sarcasm). Now how about an Android app? Or at least a mobile version of your site so I can easily browse from my phone.

  • Adam Purcell

    Realtime RSS Feed so you are notified of new posts before anyone and have the chance to comment first

    ….really Chive? We're looking for a solution.,,

  • Stewie!

    i vote for an android app (Y)

  • Tomas


  • manoman

    Now all we need is a better app!

  • Anonymous


  • Justin Sargood

    what the hell is wrong with you people? i love the chive as much as the next guy but god damn..toolbars are beyond useless, and all they do is clog up real estate that could be better used for i dunno…the page you're viewing?

    don't apologize for chrome users either, we're quite happy not having the ability to run toolbars!

    i see people at work all the time "my internet is slow" and they have all these "useful" toolbars installed…


  • Kilroy

    thats like saying get a windows phone

  • Micah Cox

    Chrome for life😛

  • K'(ton)^2


  • Kosko

    Is this why you haven't fixed the iPhone app?
    Because you want everyone to install the f'ing toolbar.

  • MacNCheesePro


  • Fred

    wait… people still use toolbars?? must be those who still use windows95. or windows at all, for that matter. how about fixing your blasted iphone app!?

  • Ken

    this might be the first toolbar i ever download

  • Wendy W

    no thanks

  • Ward

    Jumped the shark a loooong time ago!

  • zafedz

    opera not support…mmmmmm….

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