And the dumbass of the day goes to this a#$hole (15 Photos)

I’ve found in life a good rule of thumb is never to superglue anything to yourself, let alone to your head. I feel this is common knowledge but I guess not….

  • x17

    just needed some acetone.

  • nice one bra

    hahahah #10 I wonder how long he stayed like that

  • Anon

    Glue hat to head once, shame on you. Glue hat to head twice….. Oh forget it.

  • Screwdriver

    I bet he is a Chiver,,,,,,this is what huge amounts of alcohol and bacon can do to a person.

  • j22

    Dude, it's dumb. But he was just havin fun. Which of us can say that they have not superglued an object or person or small animal to ourselves? c'mon!

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  • MeisterMon

    Now that's entertainment!!

  • ne14fuun

    I just saw Jackass 3 last night and they did some of this superglue stuff. However they do say, we are professionals DO NOT TRY THIS SHIT AT HOME.

  • Guest

    It's a photoblog, nothing more. 95% of the people here believe this site is the second coming of Christ. It's retarded. The difference is I don't post the same lame "meme" comments and "find her" requests as everyone else. I enjoy the pictures, get irritated with the comments. Comment on the pictures, not how people can't live without the site and "holy cow, you guys have litterally invented everything good about the internet", blah blah blah…
    Yeah, and that pic of yours just screams how educated you are….

    • jared

      LOL! Jimmy5923 is wearing "87" – international sign for pillowbiter.

    • john

      if you don't like the comments… don't read them. no one's forcing you to read them. oh, and no one really cares that you're "more educated" than someone else. really. nobody cares.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #4 Dumass award….Sign him up..

  • marija

    You can leave your hat on. XD

  •ícolas-Affonso/1022812373 Nícolas Affonso


  • Hana

    He felt he needed to go to the hospital for that? Seriously?

  • SharkyShooter

    At least it was something that's SUPPOSED to go on your head. That way one can easily trade epic failure for appearing to have been owned by some prankster.

  • @CerealFede

    hahahahahahahahaha awesome that would give me a smile if i broke my leg or smth

  • baconfortress

    ha ASSHAT!

  • TheColonel

    They sell a product that dissolves super-glue bonds. Its typically found on the shelf next to the super-glue…

  • James

    A little terror sweat would dissolve that right away…

  • Roger

    Remove man card while you're at it.

  • tony

    shoulda cut it off at the neck…. just a thought

  • Steve-o

    So that's how Adebisi kept that hat on his head

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