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  • Kyle


    • ridethelightning

      you're a TOOL….do you honestly think anyone give a FUCK if you're first…NO! FAG!

    • financial aids

      good job…. not.

    • DaddyD

      Red Sox were first today. You, sir, are not fit to wipe Steve's ass.

    • JAMESJ

      TOOL is way cooler…..Band and person..

    • Ken

      I am glad you made it first. I tried (during the cheese post) and got 2nd. I was booed off the page.

  • Kyle

    Yea I am first. Don't hate me by down-thumbing me lol

    • ridethelightning

      we don't hate you…we just know you're STUPID!

    • Kyle's Mom

      I don't hate you because you're first. I hate myself because I decided to keep you. You were born, and since then you've been an utter disappointment.

      • Kyle's Dad

        Yes son you were a mistake. Me and your mother made a mistake of letting you live. Thanks for disappointing us again.

        • Kyle's Brother

          Oh Kyle.. Always making me look like the smart one in the family. Thanks bro!

          • Kyle's dog

            Kyle… when I stare at you when you're getting changed and you think it's creepy? I'm not checking you out. I'm marveling that my doodle is more impressive than yours.

            • Kyle's chicken

              That's it, Kyle. No more booty from me until you stop yer childish trollin'.

              • Kyle's Boyfriend

                Why do you ALWAYS make me hold you after lovemaking? You're the first man-child I've ever been with that cries before, during, and after a session.

                • Kyle's PocketPussy

                  i see the chicken is taking a stand… i also am not letting you do anything until you learn the proper etiquette of the chive.

                  • Netoward

                    C-c-c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker!

      • Kyle's butcher

        Kyle's Mom: it's never too late for an abortion. Feel free to drop by anytime.

    • financial aids
  • Gloria Whole

    I wanna have Kyle's babies just because he was first.

  • dizzard

    #27 What do I have to do to have Fett take a bounty on me

    • Reality

      First of all, I'd move out of your parent's basement. The She-Fett will never find you there.

      • dizzard

        And your making this assumption because… I'm on the internet and appreciate what appears to be a hot girl dressing up as Boba Fett? By that logic all Chivers still live in their parent's basement, including you.

        • ReyTiburones

          WIN for dizzard

  • dasmitty

    I would definitely #5 the crap out of # 30

    • sigh

      That's be the only way for you to get any.

      • dasmitty

        no shit :/

    • Boris


  • meep

    #50 There is a god.

    • God

      You're welcome my son. Enjoy.

    • Marco

      I hope these hands do not belong to the girls … mega downer if it were so…

  • Garen DiBernardo

    #17 #6 & #39 HOT DIGGITY DAMN!!!! MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Belaruss

    I didn't know they could pack that much gorgeous in that small a package.

  • ClariseStarling

    #3 is aussiesome.

  • Brendan

    did you do every posting bob?

  • Poontangler

    #3, #6, #8, #39, #45, #47 – SIMPLY AWESOME

    • financial aids
    • reece

      # 6 is hannah martin gooogle her u wont b disappointed…we neeed to finf # 30 asap

  • reys

    wow cool ! please visit here
    thanks guys

    • Frank


    • Hunter

      it is 1:15AM in Ohio on april 9th…..this shit had better never happen on this site ever again

  • bkfrijoles

    this was a boobtasic week

  • RamenMan24

    #42 #14 #9 #27 …marry me please.

  • b-ry

    #10 is epic. always will be.

  • Frank

    Chive, seriously, THANK YOU for the awesomeness you bring every week.

  • zym

    #46 Look down, now look up, I'm with lesbians….

    • RustyxTrombone

      nice post

    • Myz

      possibly the most desperate and remade commercial ever

  • Alec

    #50 will always end the week on a good note

  • Ro Co

    Love the pee stain on 47's nickers

    • JAFitC

      Can you say "shadow"? I thought not.

    • northerner

      But I thought the same thing on the other pic string. She's gorgeous and that hint of "wetness" is sexy. Maybe she's, well, excited at the photo shoot? Good for the imagination. Glad I wasn't the only speculator…

  • Sunbern

    Cannot believe the best thing I saw on Chive this week is not on this. BCG (Beat Cancer Girl) is cooler than Bill Murray (and he is pretty f-ing cool).

    • Nathan Bowen

      Hell Yes. you are so right. that girl made the week for me too. should have been up there for sure.

  • Kyle

    #40… Well… They would be… lol

    • Kyle's Brother


  • financial aids

    #50 i just wanna nom nom nom on them booty.

  • Matt

    I wonder how many chivers know that #41 is Dino Riders. The most BADASS cartoon/toy line ever!!! (was it anything else?)

    • NeoTsunami

      ah man! i was thinking the exact same thing. I relieve it was also a cartoon show back in GI Joe days.

    • Bazinga

      I think my nephew found the old toys at my parents' house.

    • Dan

      OMFG! #41 just fired a synapse of nostalgia! I LOVED Dino-Riders!

    • Juan

      Dino Riders was the shit! My favorite was the Pterodactyls with the guns on the wings

    • Lower

      I still own 3 VHS copies of a few episodes.
      The greatest ever. Questar was the man.

  • NUMBNU75

    Who is #35????

    • 6655321

      I don't know, but that is quite a nice bum atop some splendid legs.

    • OleEinar

      timea majorova

    • toto


  • @PeytonP

    Am I the only one who thinks #24 is hilarious (and looks like Joaquin Phoenix)?

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