Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • marlon

    #13 marry me!

  • codvip

    #1 "Ok, but let's make it quick, I got a diaper change @ 3 o'clock."

  • JPV

    If you read Jurassic Park; The side plot line is that raptors when getting to the mainland by boat and grabbing newborns in the middle of the night.

  • codvip

    #35 Those legs……………….(2 hours later)………….damn.

  • Deezy


    Why is this stupid ass sorority girl quote on Chive? What's next Chive, "Dance like no one is watching"?

  • Ken

    #12 That boy's precocious!

  • Beau Young

    #40 An almost-HHNF text photobomb. Speaking of tits, hers are bouncing back as well!

  • Dick LeGrande

    Boy: "Why is there a split between your leggs?'

  • Brodrieon Jones


  • nicole

    Dear chive, I find all your funny posts awsome but im so sick of seein chicks asses miked with the funny stuff isnt that what the "girls" section is for ? I know the berry is girl friendly..but honestly i dont give a shit about lil kids and shopping the chive has the humor i love but the half naked chicks r gettin so annoying 😦

    • Ejigantor

      Attractive ladies is part of what thechive is about. It's fine if you don't enjoy that segment of the content, but you can hardly expect the site to change their ways for you, especially when there are so many others who disagree.

      Especially in Best Photos of the Week, as it's a compilation of the "best" images posted on the site all week, in all categories, which includes "Hot Girls"

      • nicole

        that true its still funny when im in class and someone will look over at what im doing and its straight up girls ass and tits …i know i dont look like a lesbien what so ever but its still funny.

  • KyleGamgee

    #37 seems quite lovely.

  • Khaqan Javaid

    #35 niCe!!! who is she?

  • Brook

    Is #37 a shop of Emma Watson??
    and if not does anyone know who she is?

  • KevP232

    #36 should be on a the cap of a snapple somewhere

  • jojo


  • walt

    #33 thanks chive!

  • troy

    #9 & #47 are seriously sexy as hell

  • Alessandro

    oh my gosh…

  • bpg

    MOAARRRR: #30

  • Rob

    MOAR of #30.

  • Jesus Quintana

    does anyone know #9 is?

  • Jorge V.

    What a good week that one was….

  • DaveAmi

    1) Who is #6 ?
    2) Who does #6 Work for?

  • Dino

    I wanna party with that mutt! Like a boss

  • bigguy

    #42 ROFLMFAO

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