Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (31 Photos)

For those of you who didn’t see the post earlier this week, theCHIVE has taken the show on the road from L.A. to Indiana University to warm up for the Little 5. We just got in and we’ll be out and about tonight drinking our faces off. Then tomorrow you can find theCHIVE crew upstairs at Kilroy’s on Kirkwood starting at 6pm. Everybody who says ‘Chive On’ is getting a drink on me and we’ll stay there until the wheels fall off my credit card. So all you Hoosiers out there, stop by and say hello. Chive On!

  • Catence

    On behalf of us girl chivers, I thank you for a backside pic John. #31

    • FeeFeeG

      Agreed! ❤

    • Elton John


  • http://theanisette.com Daris

    Double rainbow. It's so beautiful!

  • Dan

    #27 – – I'd like to slap some gravy on those biscuits

  • Jayavc

    #13 should have been followed by #8

  • McSgwigga

    #14 is the only bank you can trust!!

  • Shawn

    #31…bad ass

    • DistractedIndividual

      Mmmm….. Nice Ass 😉

      • Pat

        looks like he's wearing a diaper under there…..

    • Dylan

      loved it too!

  • pdiddily420

    LOL, Dios mio is my God, not holy shit. You are right tho, whoever submitted this pic did not box off the full reference. I never noticed that before.

  • Jason

    what is #8 ? sorry….

    • blues

      I don't get it either

    • Rumblesteveskin

      Some dude with Chris Hanson (?) from To Catch a Predator, holding up a picture of pedobear. Just my guess, anyway.

    • pdiddily420

      That is Chris Hanson from "To Catch a Predator" and the hippie got him to pose with Pedobear.

  • the Lou

    I miss the sexy chivers….

    • the Reed

      introduce yourself to your hand and get over it.

  • Monty

    #31 Have fun guys! I rode in Little 5 my senior year! Chive on from DC…

  • http://www.facebook.com/griffinheath Griffin Heath

    #14 I remember that. I think I had one way back in the day too!!!

  • DistractedIndividual

    Hope I get to see them on the tour! I would totally do an honorary flash of the breastes;)

    • pdiddily420

      You should flash them for .005 seconds like they do to us in the "censored by The Chive" pictures.

      • DistractedIndividual


  • Dante

    #30…always love the hand-bra…:p

  • Aleina

    #12 is awesome and like this amazing… http://funnyandspicy.com/amazing-photographs-of-b

  • Mac

    More correctly it's "Oh my god, you killed Kenny you bastards" in Spanish.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kyle-Shubert/100000681927439 Kyle Shubert

    #14 – Yes! I had one of those!
    #17 – WTF?

  • CMON

    #30 is photoshopped, I have that font.

    • svw

      Who gives a shit

  • Bob

    #13 wow
    #23 great babe filled movie

    • HEAT

      Although all the girls are smokin, "Sucker Punch" is maybe the worst movie I've ever seen

      • Grim

        Nah, that movie was awesome.

    • lucky

      Agree and agreed.

  • Pippenz

    Where is Patty?

  • Bankruptsy

    State obvious, get thumbs up.

    • Jak

      Fancy seein you here

  • cuda

    #13 … I don't what it is, but she is hypnotic, may I suggest a "find her" please.

  • McJob

    You're doing it wrong.

  • http://clarkbachelot.com beenhere

    Time to get a plane ticket to Indiana…. requesting the rest of my personal days now.

    • Guesty

      Really? you want everyone to be able to see this comment. Think it through

      • DistractedIndividual

        Barely anyone even looks at the second page anyway….But true beenhere some thinking might do you some good. 🙂

  • dzine
  • hector

    Nothing like the good old DAR to begin your weekend

    • european

      This is Tanah Lot at Bali, Indonesia btw. Nice indeed.

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