• Cake is a Lie

    Crazy Azn drivers…

    • rumagin

      it is not a 747

      • CBRian1K

        Correct. More than likely an MD series (80?)

  • burt


  • PAT


    • snowbird

      failing at trying to be first on a site that nobody cares about firsts… FAIL.

  • Nigel

    Pilots are bad ass. Some of the calmest motherfuckers on the planet. They should do nothing but fly planes and bang hot women.

    • co-pilot

      I guess all I have to do now is bang hot women.

      • Nigel

        Yes, part of your responsibility is to take over for the pilot when he is unable to assume his duty. And by "assume his duty" I of course mean "hit that booty".

    • Blast Hardcheese


    • drewpeg

      pilots aren't bad ass, air traffic controllers are. After all you get them up we will guild it in.

  • disturbed

    Isn't that Hong Kong?

    • spliggs

      Kai tak. The 747 is meant to land at a significant angle in a crosswind, otherwise banking into the wind (normal procedure) would smash the outboard engine on the ground.

    • meep

      Hong Kong old airport… long gone. (5 years orso)

      • Matt

        Awesome to fly into though………..sat in the jump seat on a landing about 18 years back……….holy fuuuuuuuck 18 years……………shit.

        • Stan

          I was a passenger on that pants crapper 8 times. The first time was too exciting since I had no idea what was going on- crapped my pants the next 7.

    • http://PSDtutorials.co.uk Pw1002

      Its st maarten in the Caribbean hence the beach.

  • wyatt

    not chive worthy… sorry patty

    • Justin Hall

      Patty is a boss. He can post anything he damn well pleases and it'll still be Chive-worthy.

      • Surf and Snow

        Patty would be doing us all better is instead of posting weak sauce videos, he was running on the treadmill. We want moar Whitney pics!!! 😀

    • walt

      Yeah, I've been on so many flights that were much more intense.. we were litterally almost sideways when we touched down it was so windy. Or the time in North Cali landing through barely legal conditions in thick fog with the airport forgetting to turn the lights on and in a 16 passenger commercial flight. Descended into the fog only to suddenly see the ground coming up really fast and the pilots reaction of pulling up as hard as they could before slamming the ground so hard we bounced back up into the air… holy moly.. still give me the chills

      • Glenn_Coco

        barely legal conditions? Like a plane full of college freshman cheerleaders?

    • BGJ

      Agree – is an OLD one

  • 9-11

    the last time i saw a jet bank like that 2 towers went down.

    • Dan

      You're a douche.

    • Thrice

      Two words. Fuck you.

      • Thrice fan

        your a disgrace to the band Thrice. they'd thumbs that for sure

        • Thrice

          I am aware of the band, and my name has nothing to do with them.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Taylor-Blissett/1764864971 Taylor Blissett

      Please do us all a favor, and go fuck yourself.

    • topher

      so you owe me 300 bucks, ya know…whenever ya get the chance…..that's not really cool man!

      • cents?

        that makes no sense topher…..

    • FOAD

      Hah. Good one.

      Too soon America?

      Man up.

    • kodakkid

      I am not an American but a canuck but FUCK YOU somethings will always be off limits asshole.

      • GodBlessChivettes

        Like you losing your virginity. Lighten up canuck.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steve-Shaw/669440656 Steve Shaw

      Nicely done posting a comment like that anonymously. Fucking pussy. Man up you classless prick.

      • Rob W.

        Fuck you all. I laughed my ass off, and I'm from New York. Nothing is ever off limits, so lick my balls, you fucking pussies. Come at me, bro!!!! ——————————————->>

        • 9-11

          Kudos Rob W. it happened how long ago? time to move on and make funny.
          lighten up chivers….

      • 9-11

        internet threats….woah! would you rather my IP?
        fuckin take a joke you tight asses. i'm from NY and can post and make light of it i want too.

        • Dwight Schrute

          If it were actually a FUNNY comment then perhaps people wouldn't have taken such offense. A non-funny attempt at a joke about a tragedy just makes you a douche. Live with it.

    • financial aids

      some of us lost a friend or a loved one in 2001. Fuck you .www.oneadayporno.com

      • Sal

        Stupid assholes

      • GodBlessChivettes

        Yet you still plug your shitty porno site when honoring their memory. I am sure they are touched.

    • Matt

      i lol'd.

      • 9-11

        that's cause you have a sense of humour!

    • GodBlessChivettes

      Sad how many people on Chive have no sense of humor. I expected better. Lighten the fuck up you sniveling pussies! If you don't laugh, the terrorist win. 😉

      • kodakkid

        you know I am usually one of the ones telling people to lighten up on here and somehow I think you are younger than me and don't realize the profond effect that event had on the world let alone the U.S.As for my virginity that you attacked I have likly had more women than you have had yeras on the planet and I have been loyal to the same one for 15 years.

        • kodakkid

          and yes I know I spelled profound wrong but I saw it to late

          • grizzlet

            The aircraft wasn't banking dumbass…

  • Kingsize

    Hong Kong baby!

    • Frosty

      Actually St Marteen in the Caribbean

      • Frosty

        Or at least thats the link that was showing when i watched it

  • GunnerX

    Crosswind landings are quite amusing.

  • collegerob1@hotmail.com

    LaunchPad McQuack says any landing you can walk away from is a good landing.

  • Pat

    Drunk pilot…

  • Choad

    I don't think I know enough about landing a jet or how it should look to find it "freaky". I guess it's maneuvering quite a bit over buildings but I mean those buildings are right next to an airstrip so the people around there should be use to it.

    • dzine

      The big issue is the wind

  • Not quite

    So anticlimactic that the jizz actually went back inside me.

  • GTO

    nothing wrong with that. They could not do a direct approach because of the mountains. Planes land that way all of the time; and use yaw to counteract crosswind I believe.

  • HeavyD


  • Sye

    Tokey Drift, airplane version?

    • dub

      Prane Randing Extreme!

  • limerick3411

    not gonna lie.. I was kind of hoping for a giant fire ball and lots of screams…

    • twisty

      So was everyone in the hospital room when your mother was giving birth to you!

  • jonnops

    Coming into a landing side ways like that isn't unheard of, in fact it is quite normal in high wind situations. Take for instance in this video if the pilot would have gone straight onto the run way, the wind would have pushed him more to the way he wasn't turning, but because of the huge turn, it takes into account the wind, therefore making a safe landing.

    Just some food for thought


  • Honey Bone

    I just like the word "Yaw". that is all.

    • Busta Rhymes

      Yaw, yaw, yaw.
      Yaw, yaw, yaw

  • Moondog

    OH SHIT! I got this, OH SHIT! OH SHIT! OH SHIT! It's all good.

  • Jak

    Where the hell was the fire and death? C'mon Patty, pick it up a little.

  • mr.sxg

    blood-n-boom thirsty yanks aint happy, but this vid is awesome … plane was probably grounded for a month until they scraped all the puke and shit from seats …

  • McSgwigga

    . . . and that's how you drift a 747

  • scottydo

    landed like a boss

  • MRBlonde83

    Kai Tek, the old Hong Kong airport was notorious for its crazy ass approaches and always had a crosswind. The new airport, not so much. Flew a winter in the Caribbean after I got my undergrad, flying into San Maarten was the best!

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