• soupnuts

    that wasn't a 747

  • Gonzo

    too bad that's a md-80 and NOT a 747…

  • bookermorgan

    I would be more impressed if it actually was a 747….


    Ugh Chive, that “747” is a McDonnel Douglas and not a Boing…….

  • Chuckles The Clown

    727, not 747. nice vid though.

  • MMarshal

    Umm, I dont mean to be this guy, but that was not a 747. Just sayin…

  • genxer36

    That isn't a 747 in the video. More like a 717 or dc9. Much smaller than a 747. Also probably not the best place to be on that beach. If a pilot errors & is short you are dead.

  • http://www.faithless.eu Justinas

    That is not a 747!! No 747's have engines in the back!

  • Mike

    not a 747……..

  • James

    Anyone else notice that way too many videos are tagged as "MIND BLOWING"

  • Berchenal

    Yeah, definitely not a 747 by the way.

  • spliggs

    Wow. That sure is a freaky 747… it lost all 4 wing engines, sprouted 2 engines on the back fueslage and shrank by 60%! Now it looks just like an MD-80.

  • jamie

    Hey Fucktards ,,,that was a MD -90 NOT a 747

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