If Ashley Sky asks if you are a God, you say, “YES!” (10 Photos)

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  • Interesting

    Woah #12… She's so cute.

  • Bud Ugly

    I love this lady. I love her so much that I'll even forgive her "I love vampires — Team Edward" shirt.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Harre-Downey/541801625 Harre Downey

    #23- Unreal!!

  • Nazz1962

    #5 Just the right amount of T and just the right amount of A! #11 God Bless 'Merica!

  • Birdhaus32

    Her best ones are any where she's smiling. That forced sexy face just isn't doing it for me.

  • Beldar

    I was liking her fine until #21. WAY to scrawny.

  • SitVisVobiscum

    The Chive should get Ashley and Shay together for a photo shoot! The heavens would open up and the world would be at peace.

  • txchivette

    I've been wondering who she was. Hotness!

  • http://twitter.com/mrbrixon @mrbrixon


  • iAm1-NAMI

    Don't think I' could pull off the god claim so I'm thinking this might work – "No, I'm not a god, but you are my goddess – let me worship your body" – well in a movie about a guy with cheesy pickup lines it might work. :p
    IRL I'd just stand there staring and stammering until she laughed and walked away. I have no illusions.

  • FeeFeeG

    #21 and #22
    She has amazing hair!! Can you imagine holding on to that?!

    -Fee ❤

  • Dan

    #5 – – I'm gonna have to walk this one off.

  • Thax

    that's better! Ashley's certainly a 10 in anyone's book!!

  • Sick

    Good lord. and o/ for girls that leave their eyebrows with a natural look

  • Slainte

    this chick is sexier then that katrina girl yesterday… hands down! (literally)!

  • Maynard B.

    #2 oh… there are no words.

  • mojo2975

    #5 Thank you Chive for starting my day off to a great start. I may now be able to make it though this work day with that pic in my head.

  • bdiaz90

    #5 #8 #9

    good lord. i'd like to say she seems like a good candidate for hump day. this somewhat makes up for no chivettes today, i'm still not sure

  • Daniel

    Does she have a stache in some of those?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Scott-McGill/717771106 Scott McGill

    Hey Ashley…..Come to Butthead.

  • moar

    commence fapping sequence in 5 … 4 … 3 …. 2 …. 1 …..

  • bless1

    #5,#23–SMOKING HOT CHIC.

  • Evan F

    Yeah sooooo……
    Perfect Woman.

  • Cody Strohl

    hips don't lie

  • theMorgue77

    MMmmmmmmm… Tasty!!!!

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