Life-sized Johnny Depp statue is not life-sized nor look a thing like Johnny Depp (8 photos)

Serbian director, Emir Kusturica unveiled this beaut he made of Johnny Depp at the annual film festival in Kustendorf.
The festival was held in “Mokra Gora”, a mountain village in southwestern Serbia, so it's obvious why Johnny Depp would be there and have a spot-on replica statue dedicated to him in the town square. I'm sure there's more to this story, but this is theCHIVE and we have no journalistic integrity or skill. Now back to the pictures -Chive on!

  • Yuzaki

    It doesn't look like him, but c'mon, it's not that bad ! the jacket is pretty well carved…

  • insomniac

    #6 "I'm gonna get the fuck out of here before they realize I'm not Keanu Reeves"

  • Paul

    Someone gave him the wrong picture to go by…

  • Dan Mir

    I disagree with you all. It looks like him.

  • @xBadger_

    Looks more like Mike Damone.

  • pjmc Jr.

    Goddamit – am I the only one who keeps accidentally clicking the side and getting sent to the "Your Highness" website?

  • Jake Gio

    Is he dragging the American Flag on the ground? Also, It looks like he really doesn't want to be there.

  • Joe_Mathe

    That looks more like skeet ulrich in scream

  • lololo

    Looks like Johnny DERP to me.

  • crazydog

    looks like benicio del toro

  • Katie

    The Ripley's Believe it or not near me has a Johnny Depp statue that is definitely a clone of him. This shit looks pretty weak, though in all honesty I couldn't do any better…

  • Milena Markovic

    Chive on from Serbia! (actually I'm in Mexico now, but I am from Serbia)
    Ok, here's the thing: Kusturica used to be a great director, I never liked him, but he had couple of good movies, and had reasonable fame in the circkles of art directors and geeks and nerds and hippies! He exploited as much as posible the subject of the eastern europian gipsies, including music which is uniquie and iconography. In he's earlier stage he experimented with the idea of westerns combined with gipsy iconography, so he made Arizona Dram, strange and confusing movie, staring Johny Depp. Now he supposed to be here in Mexico, making a movie about Pancho Villa, again with Johny (I guess as Pancho Villa). Johny is king of his muse, that's why he made him that owful statue in Mokra Gora (which means "wet mountain").
    The thing is that Kusturica completely lost it, he become ultra right nacionalist, high-jacked the mountain from farmers and made Drvengrad ("Wooden city") where he makes he's festival and where the ugly statue is. He's just a crazy guy who once become famous



  • Dustmiretheturd

    #7 Charles Sheen

  • beRt

    Depp during scissor hands

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