Something beautiful (27 Photos)

  • FeeFeeG

    #15 #18
    Look at those lips! Wow!

    And #20, what a body!

    -Fee ❤

    • asdf

      #23 look at those boobs! Wow!

      • FeeFeeG

        she's incredible. ❤

        • asdf

          i know!!

    • Shawn

      I like that you enjoy other women's bodies so much hahaha

      • FeeFeeG

        Don't get me wrong. I get off to the Berry, but the Chivers make me smile (people like you!) B)

        -Fee ❤

        • Shawn

          I cant say I have visited the Berry very much, I am a Chive man, and obviously, each were designed for their respective sex. And I am in very strong agreement with you on #20

          • Sid

            effing phantastic

    • Evelyn Ponce Quintero

      i just wanna know why there's hardly ever any brown girls here :/

      • FO REAL!

        yeah guys. Get some color in these ladies. and PLEASE NOT ORANGE.

      • Maynard B.

        Feel free to show us the goods darlin'

      • TFM bitches

        like black chicks? hit up the BET site?

    • financial aids

      why does no one else like #6?

    • william

      very beautifull lips. i bet she can KISS very good……wink wink.

    • jgxx88

      I guess black girls cant be beautiful. now that I think about it….. you dont see many dark skinned folks around here. they are some beautiful girls… shame.

  • Wowsey

    #2 Is smokin' hot..

    • apple

      who is she

      • Jazmondo

        Cassie Keller

    • disturbed

      Made my heart stop!

    • Roscoe

      A bit thin for my tastes, but that's okay. Plenty of beauty to go around!

  • Nick702

    #25 just made me forget what I have to do today

    • Sparkling Wiggle

      Jerk off to that pic…….

    • YourSupervisor

      Work? Maybe

    • Coldhammy

      Pretty sure her name is Brianna Frost

  • Jeremy B.


    • mtpuckhead

      I hate you.

  • mtpuckhead

    #3 is stunning.

    • FeeFeeG

      She is gorgeous. Those eyes are incredible. 😉

    • Maynard B.

      I could fall madly in bed with her.

  • sirforsyth

    #22 #26 Great Odin's raven! :O

    • Brick

      Why are you thumb's down?! lol Anchorman quotes should never be thumbs down.

    • Wilber

      find herrrrrrrrr plz #22

      • Will

        she is angle verano. google her, first link, you're welcome

        • liam

          what is her name. "angle verano" takes me to a picture of a buick.

          • speechless

            Try Angie Varona… looks much better than the Buick

        • chivette

          not angle verano. her name is Elyda and i went to high school with her.

      • HollarPeenYo

        For the love of God Chive, find this girl and tell her that my name is Dave and I use Brut aftershave… and I also have a a gift certificate to Red Lobster. Bitches love Red Lobster…

  • Cameron Hoehn

    Zooey boobs yes please! #16

    • Greg Brannon

      …or Katy

      • QWERTY

        It is Katy and sadly it’s also fake

    • aosux

      At first I was like, eh, thats not beau….OK. I see what you're talking about now. Good one Chive, good one

    • AdamBaldick


    • Tomas Larence Calvillo

      Zooey is waaaay better lookin then Katy Perry. How could you get them mixed up?

      • bkfrijoles

        because of the boobies thats why

    • floscar

      Yummy yums!

    • anthony

      is definitely katy perry

    • bryainiac

      Zooey is not hotter than Katy. Katy is the porn star version of her and porn star versions are always better.

      • its_forge

        Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnno. Zooey isn't even a full-time singer and she's still a better singer than Katy. If Zooey ever did take her clothes off, even though she's not as curvy as Katy she'd be so awesome that grown men would die just looking at her.

    • topher

      katy perry titty pic ftmfw!

      • topher

        on closer inspection, fuck you chive!

    • Mr. Right

      duuuuuuuuude! You and all of the idiots that thumbed this huge mistake up need to clean your eyes, or just bathe in acid.

  • Euge

    probably the best collection so far

    hi form Italy

    • funkyf

      Although I may agree with Euge, I still think they are no match for our sexy chivettes…..which we aren't getting any of today.

      I. Is. Sad. 😦

      • sigh

        #23 is a match for any chivette I've ever seen. Lovely body just about falling out in all the right places…the hourglass…the toe…real boobs…

        That's it, no more internet for me today.

    • brett

      I agree except for #24… that many tats is just trashy

  • Derrick Rose

    A #1
    B #17
    C #20
    D all of the above D please

    • JDC

      You have good taste, my friend.

      Also, congrats on the #1 seed and MVP.

    • julietromeobravo

      No 17 has such a fugley husband. Fairplay to him for bagging a hottie!

      • julietromeobravo

        oppss typo fugly

    • GOD

      #17 is Melissa Theuriau.

  • boatdrinks4u2

    i could look at beautiful women for hours without end

  • Moose

    #13 YES yes, and let me say that again, yes. Beautiful.

    • germanchiver

      Emma FTW

    • julietromeobravo

      Emma is so HOT!

      • barabotz

        Emma Stone please marry me, you are gorgeous


      emma stone doesn't do it for me. her face is rather plain and she has no tits. next.

    • TjPshine

      I can't stop staring at this amazing picture


    What a fantastic way to start the day… Ahhhh Friday..

  • James

    I do believe that number 16 is Katy Perry.

    • Mark

      Zooey Deschanel. Both hot though.

  • ssf

    #20 I used to date her but had to dump her because she thought farting was funny.

    • Jeremy

      Yeah, she'd start trimming her nails in the middle of a good movie too.

    • Ateka

      Farting IS funny.

    • ppd

      Yeah, and one time she stuck her finger in my ass during sex…not cool

      • kodakkid

        what u wanted 2 fingers

        • Sid


  • BeccaB86

    #24 – Hayden has really stepped out of her box. I kinda like it.

    • rushgumball

      that cant be her

    • ROBERT

      WOW you are right that is HAYDEN this is a great photoshop.

    • LukasS

      Daddy issues Hayden is hot.

  • Dunny_

    #9 ?? Really?? I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree with ya there. She's got an enormous head.

    • Dirty Dingus

      I'm of two minds on little miss Cosgrove. She's kind of cute but also kind of wired looking.
      She's got that huge mouth…and I'll reserve comment on that until after May 14th, when she turns 18.

    • nick

      I'm gunna hafta disagree with you, look at the rest of the girls in the post. Females head to body ratio usually is more pronounced than dudes

      • Dunny_

        Dually noted…..I may have to take the cranial circumference in respect to the subject's hips/bust line. Plus now I feel kinda bad making the statement since she isn't 18 yet.
        Still no Victoria Justice though.

    • Chuck Cumiskey

      She has as cute a mouth as I've seen in a while, tho. Look at the sexy curves in those lips.

      • Jimmy5923

        reading that and looking at your pic and knowing how old that girl is..disturbed me for some reason.

        • CO_MtnGrl_Jaye

          Agreed, I think the pedobear has finally unmasked itself here on the Chive.

          Ladies and gentlemen, take a good look and know who to keep away from your kids.

          • its_forge

            It's still creepy but it's not "pedo" anything if it's someone who's old enough to have hips and boobs.

            • DistractedIndividual

              Sorry but I do believe the "pedo" refers to her age….plus misquito bites and padded jeans don't count….

              • its_forge

                No, the term "pedo" is not determined by age. If someone is creepily obsessed with children who have not yet reached the age of puberty, they are a pedophile. Say what you want, as idiotically as you like, about Cosgrove, but she is most definitely past the age of puberty. Just for the record if someone is creepily obsessed with someone who's under the age of majority but past the age of puberty, he is an "ephebophile." Now go be a schmuck somewhere else please.

                • brett

                  you are to knowledgeable with your "-philes" and not worried enough about the fact that ANY female under the age of consent, for whatever state you are in, is illegal

                  • keinbockaufnamessuche

                    In Switzerland it's legal with 16.

                    I can legaly say…she is hot! 😀

                  • its_forge

                    Sorry, there's nothing illegal about a picture of a fully-clothed 17 year old young woman and there's nothing illegal about anyone saying she's pretty. Saying you're waiting 'til she's 18 to see if she starts taking her clothes off for the camera is supremely creepy however, isn't even funny and I wish people would control their asshole urges and not do that. Further, it's perfectly legal for anyone who is also a teenager to fantasize, even out loud, about what they might like to do if they found themselves alone with someone who's also a teenager. And I'm quite sure this site has plenty of teenage males viewing it. Short form: Creepy yes, illegal, sorry, no.

                    • Bobito

                      Good God, do any of you dweebs actually have sex? I mean with someone other than yourself.

                    • its_forge

                      Quite, what would give you the impression otherwise? I'm an old married grampa with an extremely beautiful South American wife who has an epic bosom. Just because I'm a nerd doesn't mean I don't get laid.

                    • diabeetus

                      I'm 75 years young and I think she is HOT. look at those curves and luscious lips. If my legs were still good, I'd walk right up to her and sweep her off her feet. too bad my hearts in no shape for love, just had a triple bypass. oh well at least my little buddy still works. gotta love those pills. :p

                    • its_forge

                      Guffaw. I'm not *that* old and the thought of romancing a teenager is still not just creepy but also sounds extremely tiring.

        • McBeastie

          I think the reason you're looking for is that it was super creepy.

        • Joe

          and seeing his last name……

    • julietromeobravo

      wasn't she the little stuck up girl in School of Rock?

      • Dunny_

        Yes, she apparently was in School of Rock. (thank you IMDB )

    • BobSugar


  • ADAM



    • Michael

      Oh Mandy she was very cute and has grown into a beautiful woman.

    • Matt

      Wow MANDY looks so cute she was great in Entourage she hasn't been doing much lately. But she did do the voice for Rapunzel in Tangled.

    • BigHate

      Who is giving Mandy Moore fans the thumbs down? You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Mark Ellison

    #1 is my dream girl. Innocent eyes and slightly messy blond hair. Perfect. I need to find her, and not just more pictures, actually find and meet her.

  • young clean bastard

    #6 damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    • Nicklaus T. Hoang

      My thoughts exactly

    • financial aids

      definitely my fav. I'd like to warm her up if you know what i mean.

  • anon


  • pdiddily420

    #7 Love the subtle tongue bite.

    • Doc

      Absolutely!! What a cutie..

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #5 has naughty intentions in her eyes. i like it
    #1 oh look! apple cider under her gorgeous eyes

    • JAMESJ

      You nailed it!
      Those are stunning….


    #10 WILLA HOLLAND is a cutie.

    • Matt

      She was in Legion wasn't she.

      • julie rush

        must admit I thought that was Michelle Trachtenberg at first glance….

    • AtomManhattan

      I will second that my man…she is gorgeous.

  • 99Dug

    #26 – Must have…that is all.

    • JDubs


    • Sabe Nigi

      Looks like Adriana Lima to me…

  • Dante

    So much beauty…..Difficult to choose….but #18 #22 #25 will get me through the day…They are just over the top….

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