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  • bob

    i demand a winking girls gif post with lots of cute girls like #6

  • Ron

    #11 is not cool at all.

  • FMR

    I could watch #6 all day.

  • Justin Tarrant

    #13 is Damien Walters. The stuff this guy can do will blow your mind. Check him out:

  • Orgazoid

    Holy Jesus!!! The guy in number 8 needs to buy himself a lottery ticket. Lucky boy!!!

  • Sugreev2001

    Chive,you should post the links to all the videos that helped make the Gif in the first place.

  • bisketz

    #9, is an awesome music video!

  • LazyTheKid

    #13 Kratos from God of War?

  • Rodney

    I love how her expression changes so quickly as she looks down the weapon.

  • Markkk

    #10 stupid bitch, got what she deserved. Those things can pop an ear-drum from that range.

    find #6!!!!

  • denzino

    number 1 at first I was like eh…
    #6 #10 then I was like this is the greatest GIF gallery ever!

  • Chuck Morris

    #6 Find HQ pics of lucy pinder with the gun please!!

  • buuillis

    #10 FIND HER

  • SharkyShooter

    #9 I've see the music video that this is from. I highly recommend seeing it/

  • IronEagle119

    I think the "boss" part is when dude goes all ninja on her…

  • Razgard

    #11 FUCKING SHIT!!! Must be the MOST PAINFUL EXPERIENCE. I just can't imagine it. I wonder what he did to deserve that (he would deserve if he were using a fucking Macintosh).

  • Leonel

    #2 He's laughing now because he was just champion in Argentina. 😛

  • Jimmy Wellington

    For number six, here you go:

    Start around 1:19 in the video

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