The USPS Flat Rate box claims that if it fits, it ships -or does it? (20 photos)

We've all seen the commercials for the USPS touting that whatever you can cram into a Flat Rate box, it's one flat fee for shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states. I decided to test this service and really push the limits of their fine print -which indicates a weight limit of 70 lbs! I also thought it would be fun to play a little prank on my sister Emily, who runs, and send the package from Venice Beach to her in Nashville, TN.

But what is small enough to weight 70 lbs? 10,000 pennies. We could only fit 60 lbs of pennies in the box, but good enough for us and we don't want to give any disgruntled postal worker a hernia and, well, make them go postal.

Did the package make it?

The “VERY HEAVY” package made it from Venice, CA to Emily’s apartment in Nashville, TN in 3 days without bursting at the seams. Well done USPS, well done. I have slightly more respect for you angry little people (kidding, the only cranky and slow-as-hell USPS workers are in Chicago).
Special thanks to Mac the Intern for dragging this package to the post office and fending off evil-eyes from holding up the line with his special package.

Your Mission Chivers: Go to the USPS and grab a flat rate box and put whatever you can fit inside and send it to theCHIVE offices and we’ll take photos of the contents and do a post. Be creative, but please refrain from sending poop. That’s not cool. And I’m pretty sure you can go to jail for that.

701 Ocean Front Walk #6
Venice, CA 90291

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  • laups

    As a postal worker. i deal with a$$holes who do nothing but bitch about the cost of a stamp all day long. These people don;t get the fact that it cost them more in gasoline to come to the Post Office to mail the letter than it does to send it anywhere in the world So if your Postal worker seems unhappy, just remember the crap we have to listen to all day. 44 cents…really… are bitchin about 44 cents?

    • Leo

      no, no, the guy who RUNS AN INTERNET SITE where all the content is sent in, for free, by other people, really knows more about working hard for a living.

  • goposaur

    I'd lift her box, if you know what I mean.

  • laups

    You really should. The USPS can save you alot of money. They are at least 30 to 70 percent cheaper than UPS or FEDEX. Just saying….

  • Robert Heiney

    #11, I agree, your sister is OH SO HOT!

  • duffman0313

    I know what I am sending and No it is not Poop…

  • bkfrijoles

    i cant wait to send you guys something

  • Jay

    #20 GANGSTA

  • Jason

    Your sister is cute.

  • JMikeH

    If you wanted to be really evil fill it up with lead.

  • @Zordabo

    never tell a man NOT to do something, as a man, he will always then feel the urge to do so, ladied take note

  • @Zordabo

    never tell a man NOT to do something, as a man, he will always then feel the urge to do so, ladies take note

    • Tofu_Ninja

      Wow, good save genius…

  • Ziggy

    You can't send poop? What am I going to get my mother-in-law for her birthday? I was going add a note that says, "Here's looking at you."

    I also planned on eating lots of corn the day before for texture. I thought of it as "ribbed for her pleasure."

  • Wyoming

    The mailmen in Wyoming just don't show up half the time. Rain, sleet, and snow my ass.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    I just started liking the berry alot more….

  • Tuttle

    "…but please refrain from sending poop. That’s not cool. And I’m pretty sure you can go to jail for that."

    Damn, I need a new box.

  • Vag Pounder

    #17 She looks like she would really enjoy a pounding.

  • tedd johnson

    your sisters hot. nuff said.

  • Chicky

    I am sending my Crusty Cum Towel.

  • flo

    oh, I worked for UPS and we the average weight for a package was around 60lbs… so, won't have surprised the delivery guys at all.

  • Leo

    Maybe they have such a small box because dickheads keep filling them with ridiculously heavy contents that the UPS workers have to strain and carry around.

    Then again, what do you expect from a man who sends interns to do his dirty work?


    FIND HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • snow cone

    smokn hot and free cash haha.

  • Tofu_Ninja

    Imagine being a USPS worker and having to deliver something to TheChive… As if you wouldn't just have a slight peek inside!

  • NunyaBidness

    Hopefully you get them to revise their packaging rules! That will show…. oh, no wait. That's pretty much only going to fuck over people who would have benefited from the flat rate box. Thanks for being a complete douchebag solely for the purpose of a fairly boring chive post.

  • bdrizzle

    # 14 moar

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