theCHIVE offices acquire their first Banksy (18 HQ Photos)

Before all the nay-sayers sound off about how it's wrong to take street art away from the streets, we could not agree more. However, the owner of the garage was replacing all of his garage doors in the first place and this piece was going to be trashed. The piece was located in Venice, CA. We plan on loaning it out to local modern art museums and galleries.

  • Jay

    The Garage looked better with all the art on it imo.

    • financial aids

      It may have looked better but It still looks pretty damn good in the chive offices. Congrats, chive.

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        No-one must ever, EVER look at

        Then maybe numpty here will stop trying to promote his weak site.

    • Ryno

      "Look out she's got a bomb"

    • Pookie

      There are at least 4 new canvases to work with now. 🙂

    • pod

      my name is shake zula…



  • That Guy

    A little thank you…

    • trollface.jpg

      pattys getting fatter

  • disturbed

    I got nothing… Awesome aquisition though.

    • stonyjoe

      shouldn't the guys have had their banksy shirts on in those pics???

    • SweetAwesomeness

      "feed your soul….not war"

      • Not Clean

        Exploding Burgers, Look Out!

  • ssf

    Who are we to name an artist's painting for him?

    • Shawn

      I agree, I say if he didnt have a name on it, then just leave it nameless and give credit to the artist, seems lke the right thing to do…..nice save though Chive, good shit

    • Mikey WINS

      It would go against Banksy's style of guerrilla street art for someone to name his piece, keep it unnamed and let the Banksy magic live on.

    • disturbed

      Not like you could find him and ask him…

    • Pop. 6 Bil.

      We are the world damnit. If we want to name something then thats what we do

    • ralph

      who are you to be such a queer. they own it now, they can name it whatever the fuck they want

  • Sizzle

    Judging by the look of you dudes in the picture, "Douche Brigade."

    • Ed, Special Ed

      GTFO Sizzle

    • GTFO

      judging by the stupidity of this comment, your a sizzling douchebag

      • Paula

        Your comment sizzled my shit GTFO. If youre gonna fucking rag on someone try to at least come off a bit wittier. I do have to concur though- It's not your art to name, but since you some how feel entitled to do so- Douche Brigade is a perfect fit for these nut sacks. Where's youre fucking scarves homos?


        • financial aids

          wow a somewhat legit statement.

        • Pauline

          i don't know, the sandals are pretty fucking gay too…..

    • umm...yeah

      I know its wrong, but i lol'd anyway.

    • Pierre

      wow, you americans can't dress for shit…….

    • Blumpkin

      And yet you go to the "Douche Brigades" website. You are a winner!

  • yup thats me

    pretty sweet, now make a demotivational out of it

  • Rez!

    Feeding for Peace

  • Dood

    McMother Teresa

    • i used to tag.....

      McReality Check…

  • Big E

    Would you like democracy with that

  • Screwdriver

    You know an artist becomes cool when everyone knows about him……

    • toban

      easy hipster

      • tono

        easy trend-hopper

    • pjmc Jr.

      Yeah? Well my DAD paints dolphins and other wonderful creatures AND he's even got a jacket with dolphins on them – he is super cool and no one knows who he is so how can you explain that screwface?

    • cawtney

      no, an artist becomes cool when HE'S proud of his work. people noticing how revolutionary or talented somebody is doesn't decide his/her artistic value.

  • yup

    The Tracer

  • VolleyMav

    I think is should be called… "Would you like fries with that?"

    • John

      To take it one step further, call it "would you like fries with that shake". Everyone knows that milkshake brings the boys to the yard!

  • Joe

    I'd name it: War Served Cold

  • Mr. Wilson

    Snack Time

  • Loc Dog

    "I got these cheeseburgers…I'll suck yo dick, man!"

    • been there


  • beenhere

    "Can we rest yet?"

  • Adee Do

    Blast Food

  • Ryan E

    Fries for firearms

  • Adam Purcell


  • OGMrWhite

    The Skeptical Era

  • Brandon

    "take your poison back"

  • Todd

    Pax Americano

  • tyu

    "Thanks for blowing the shit out of our country, killing hundreds of innocents but most of all for fast food"

    • Reply

      "Shouldn't have looked as us that way"

  • chiz niz

    Vote for VolleyMav's "Would you like fries with that?"

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