theCHIVE offices acquire their first Banksy (18 HQ Photos)

Before all the nay-sayers sound off about how it's wrong to take street art away from the streets, we could not agree more. However, the owner of the garage was replacing all of his garage doors in the first place and this piece was going to be trashed. The piece was located in Venice, CA. We plan on loaning it out to local modern art museums and galleries.

  • bordermike

    Want Fries With That?

  • Guy

    The McHurt Locker
    Feeding the Beast
    Freedom Served

  • Raymond

    Improvised Explosive Device

  • OrionCoob

    A Hidden War or A Hidden Truth

  • Paula_

    Your boyfriend disagrees.

    – the one

    • penis vag

      coming from a hermaphrodite itself!

  • Raymond

    Relax hipster

    • Razor

      shut up yuppie.

  • Guesty

    Can't thumb this up enough! And yet these fuck-tards keep piling on the lame ass names…

  • Raymond

    I'm partial to CHAKA myself

  • Leo

    Good eye. Yes, Paddy still has breasts, only b/c the photo was taken 3 weeks ago. He is down to an A cup now!

    • b-ry

      thanks for the clarification….i thought me might have relapsed or something.

    • Paula_

      We don't call that breasts but manboobs to avoid awkward mistakes like staring at them, remember?

      – the one who you unknowingly share a toothbrush with

      • jackU

        Paula, you're honestly the best thing about this site. *Thumbs up*

      • b-ry

        so that's what you call your c-cups Paula? man breasts?
        again…thanks for clarifying.

        • Paula_

          My size is of course in… TROLL SIZE!
          Never seen a troll cup?

          – the one you love to cup a feel

  • Guy Tough

    ok, the door is cool. but why are you pansies wearing gloves? afraid of a splinter or…DIRT ! #1

  • f-rico


  • Bansky

    Hi, i'm bansky and you are a bunch of douches.

    • The Chivery

      Yeah, we really are. But you best not say that, 'cause we'll call you a "faggot hipster" so fast it'll make you pity us.

  • KDre

    Piece Offering

  • fcu

    Thanks, I didn't know this is how I was supposed to feel about art.

    • fcu2

      obviously if you don't, it doesn't pertain to you. derp.

      • fcu3

        But i'm white, or does that mean something different to people who discuss art. Possibly the other comment was sarcasm.

        • fcu4

          it's obviously satirical. or did you think a post that sought to outline an entire ethnicities' views on art was to be taken seriously?

  • Scott

    That's not a Banksy! Proven fake a long time ago. Nice work guys, that's karma for selling those unliscenced Banksy tshirts.

  • Chiefs420

    There's a shitload of them. How many people do they need to run this little goat rodeo?

  • The Chivery

    That's right! In fact our go to retort(s)(which we happen to find oh, sooo clever, 'cause our sense of humor never matured past Jr. High) is "know how I know you're gay?" Or "…..then I have some bad news for you…". See? 'Cause homosexuality is a worst case scenario! Get it? Get it? ROFLMAO!! Isn't that win? Cuz homos are fail on teh internetz!

  • fcu6

    it's funny you should mention that, because i've seen several of Christian Landers' posts here on the chive and many have lead to such over-zealous accusations of "being a cross-burner" to "hipster" to "black"(which is supposed to be terrible apparantly). so many regulars on a humor site have almost no sense of humor. who woulda' thought?

  • sterld2126

    His art is so Bad Ass

  • fcu0

    don't worry about it, it is rather difficult to translate over the internet of course. at least you didn't resort to being a self-defensive prick, so you still win in the end, hahaha.

  • asdf

    If it was street art, and removed from the street, then using the original location as the title for the art might make sense. GPS coordinates. It might be boring, but it would add context and not subvert the meaning of the original art.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    You should make it into a opening office door…LOL

  • chong

    im jealous

  • mrjimmyos

    Chive this is so cool! Nice one 😀 The Chive offices may one day be like the google offices

  • pjmc Jr.

    I would call it "Billions and Billions severed".

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