theCHIVE offices acquire their first Banksy (18 HQ Photos)

Before all the nay-sayers sound off about how it's wrong to take street art away from the streets, we could not agree more. However, the owner of the garage was replacing all of his garage doors in the first place and this piece was going to be trashed. The piece was located in Venice, CA. We plan on loaning it out to local modern art museums and galleries.

  • Sean Cyphers

    My 12 yr. old son just saw the pictures of this and said " isn't that Banksy?" So I had to ask " How do you know who did that?' and he said " we learned about some of his stuff in History class" Holy Shit!

  • Jeff

    I said a large house with room!!!

  • Jack

    Loan it out to museums and galleries? Isn't that kind of against the spirit of street art? Museums and galleries charge admission, but art just wants to be free, man.

  • jonsom

    Did the original owner not realise how much that thing was worth?

  • ekayy

    it is nice, but i have some bad news… this is not a banksy

  • edward

    you guys have the same aggressive douche-baggness as Ryan off The Office

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  • Tommy2X4

    How's the diet going?

  • Leonard

    Epic. Congrats gents.

  • mrb

    It never appeared on the Banksy web site so it is not authentic, everyone knows that who follows the man… The 'probably the biggest douches in the world' brigade purchased a pig in a poke. nice.

  • Bibbs

    Was a big fan of Banksy. Then I saw this… Makes me want to return the "Bomb Girl" tee I just bought.

  • Cass

    The art looks good in the Chive office. 🙂 I like the blue one with a tree too.

  • jo

    First off, you don’t know this is a Banksy, you fucktards. Second of all, You’re selling a tshirt that has a panda waving guns as a Bansky, when on his website he states thats NOT his design. Thirdly, he expressed people could use his designs for NON commercial purposes…which you are doing. You idiots wouldn’t know a Banksy from your own assholes. Fuck you.

  • shtsquid

    You guys at chive are a bunch of morons. That's not a banksy at all. You idiots think the Panda waving a gun is a Banksy. Pull your heads out of your asses you losers…you don't know shit about street art….the only things you dumbasses ever painted was probably sheets of cheap paper in elementary school.

  • Justine

    If I had to do roller door repairs perth and that beautiful piece of art was on my garage door, I would probably think twice. Street art should remain exactly where it is.

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