Hot Girls in the Middle of Nowhere (25 Photos)


    Starts and ends perfectly…….#1#25

  • toastymoe

    #13 just proves what i have ALWAYS said… women from India are some of the hottest in the world!

  • Zippy

    Mac, my apologies for doubting you on #1 then. Just looked frighteningly similar to my 12 yr old daughter. Maybe just my overactive pedobear alert.

  • GreyMac

    Number 1 looks 11 or 12 years old to me. I'd need to see a birth certificate before I'd be willing to consider her 'hot'. #14 and 17? Gregor says " Epic Win!….Much Inspirational"

  • Will

    Although Mac seems to have a very tenuous grasp on the concept of "middle of nowhere"….it is more than forgiveable as he most certainly DOES have a well-developed sense of the term "hot girls". Well done, Mac, well done!

  • SavvyDuck

    MOAR: #25, #15, #8

  • Khaqan Javaid

    Whenever I look at this certain thread, I can't help but wonder The Middle of Nowhere' is one hell of a place to be at!! & somehow The Chive just happens to be at the ryte place at the ryte tyme!! :p Then again I do get a piece of the action. Way to go Chive!! Keep them comin

  • gman

    #8 has made Sunday a real fun day!!

  • Cafe

    #8's name is Leslie Nelson.

  • Joe Momma

    Eh..girls weren't that great.

  • HO11YWOOD303

    #8 #25 fuckin sexy

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  • mewant


  • Tyler Kirkland

    IMHO all Sunday posts should be required to be HQ.

  • Fabio

    Girls dressed like sluts in the middle of nowhere.

  • Robert Heiney

    Jeez! Come on now. #1 is, what, 13? 14? years old?

  • northerner

    #4, I love "this is my tush…" poses. And a lovely tush it is…oh my…

  • Gemineye

    #8 holy hell….who is that?!

  • cmack

    #13 has Egyptian goddess eyes.

  • Maynard B.

    #8- more pretty please?

  • Nathan

    all this is really nice… but #12 scares me… she's cute… but.. WHY THERE… that "middle of nowhere" is nothing but pain

  • troy

    #9 is absolutly beautiful more of her please CHIVE

  • that-guy


  • Anonymous

    #13 ahh yess, i love me some indian women

  • bless1

    #8,#34- Find em. This gallery is getting better every time.

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