Childhood nostalgia is currency for my brain (31 Photos)

  • musetv

    first? lol

    • financial aids
      • copperbum

        wtf is this porn spam. both of you are complete knobs

        • musetv

          lol i know, i just always wanted to do that 😀

  • Error404k

    The original Douchebag

    • Frank Reynolds


      • young clean bastard

        odbs a legend, done ever compare them two

        • McBeastie

          So much of a legend that you couldn't be bothered to get his initials correct.

          • young clean bastard

            please explain how his initials are wrong? last time i checked, ol dirty bastard stood for odb which is what i wrote

            • Ghost Writer

              ODB got burnt once but it was only gonorrhea

    • ern23

      I was thinking Scumbag Steve.

      Comes to your country – Steals your flag, has sewn into suit.

    • plop

      Vanilla's got a boner!!



    • Bryan

      I annoyed the hell out of my family with one of those things

    • Lauren Gentile

      …were so crappily made but gave HOURS of entertainment!

    • VTN

      i was just talking about yak baks the other day! So awesome and annoying!

    • Cake is a Lie

      I was born in 83' these bring back so many GOOD memories

    • Corwin

      I had a fucking Yak Bak.

  • Damrod

    #8 and #12 bring back so many good memories

    • Sebastian Barison

      Its the only animated batman that i love…

      and #8 is simply pure awesomeness

      • Taffysack

        No way this is 80's childhood nostalgia! All of these shows are circa 1995 and later.

    • ReyTiburones

      I wish I could go back to the days where each one of these shows brought me so much joy…

    • Nick-a-lo-dian

      Maybe I'm just not seeing it but where is rugrats?

  • Sybot

    #1 – Brain development better than any math test

  • @Gamle_Eirik


    Is that a nipple?

    • Marshall

      Hey I have a trick for you. google nipple. or boob.

      Your welcome.

      • Slauter

        Someone doesn't get it.

        • lolol

          he's probably too young…
          oh you boys nowadays with your internets

        • Ryno

          Fap fap fap fap fap. Just watching MTV mom.

    • CaptainInsano

      Yeah and it's attached to what's called a boob, or you can say titty, titty is more fun to say.

      • bob

        That makes it two that don't get it.

    • Randy Marsh

      Yeah, but you have to tilt the screen back and wait 2o seconds for it to flash on screen.

    • Rob

      Is it weird that when I saw that picture, I still got turned on?

      • SkyVader

        Yes. Very.


        No, it's an ingrained trait in all males that were in middle school before they had their own computer.

    • Nathan Bowen

      This was hilarious.

    • Jeff

      I wasn't quite sure at first, but now I'm pretty sure that this is exactly what I thought it was. I was like nahh, but then I was like … yeah, it has to be.

    • fjwilly

      Ah, my entertainment every day during the summer.

    • Craig Weiss

      What a memory…many an afternoon in the basement….liking finding penthouse mags in a dumpster.

    • ryan

      fuzzy porn [hear mom coming, channel recall, display button, door opens]
      "what are you doing" -mom
      "nothing" -you
      "ready for dinner?" -mom
      "yep" -you

  • Gaucho85


    Don't really know why Spongebob is in the same image as Ren & Stimpy, not really the same era.

    Powdered! . . . Toast! . . . MAN!!

    • nywolf

      cause that's all Nickelodeon characters.

    • b-runn

      The real crime is they forgot doug

      • wuzzman16

        maybe because doug was a disney character too?im not sure off hand which version of the show came first.

    • Sizzle

      Seriously? Where the fuck is Doug?

    • sully23

      Tommy Pickles too. Spongebob sucks a fat one

    • switches

      spongebob isn't even there

      • switches

        nvm saw him sorry

    • monty

      Most of these characters are 90's not 80's anyway.

  • csh

    I could never get those!

    • nywolf

      i could, but this one didn't work for me… does anyone see the picture?

      • nywolf

        nevermind, I got it, it's the mickey head. The three circles on each other to make the head and two ears.

        • DisneyisPerverted

          Was anyone else expecting a cock and balls?

          • yabootz

            i was hesitant to look cause i thought all i'd see was penis.

    • ryan

      this should make you laugh then

      • Yo Mamma

        Total Win.

    • Dean

      When the fuck will I see the sailboat?!

      • matt

        its a scooner

        • prankster

          a schooner IS a sailboat stupid head!

          • Jeremy


            • Captlazarus


              • Renee


  • Benton McGrath

    #2 Lol boner..

  • Mmm_Ciao

    The good ol' days. #19

    • Forrest Herron

      are you kidding, I remember when it was still at 99 cents per gallon. THOSE were the good ol' days!

      • hank1231

        when I started driving it was 69 cents per gallon 😦

        • Nathan Bowen

          I remember being able to buy it for 55c in north GA. sheesh.

      • ????

        the day i got my first car it was 99 cents a gallon and i have never paid less than 1 dollar in my life and have never paid less than 3.00 in my childs life.

      • Mmm_Ciao

        Well I wasn't alive then, but that sounds lovely.

    • sikofitt

      I remember getting half a tank, a pack of smokes, and a cup of coffee for 5 dollars a day. 😦

    • Nutgiver

      I'd give my left nut for these prices again, if I hadn't already given it on the last fill up.

    • KeyserSoze

      I remember in high school when it finally broke a dollar a gallon.. I could still fill up a 3/4 ton suburban with a 454 for under $40. Now, not so much….

    • aosux

      I remember it was just under $1 when I filled up my '68 Lemans for the first time. Just used to drive around for fun. Not doin' that shit anymore.

      • Lloydstarr69

        Try living in England where its £1.45 a LITRE. Thats like $2.50 a litre. You lucky yanks get it in gallons!

        • Pw1002

          Agreed. A gallon is approx $10 in the UK at the current time.

        • Your Face

          Thats what you get for electing the labor party and Brown

    • KyleGamgee

      Of all of these, I miss this the most.

    • OUCH!


    • Trent

      My first fill up was at 93 cents a gallon. I'm only 28.

  • FLChiver

    #30 Anyone else used to have that one kid that sold this stuff at your school out of his locker?

    • Sizzle

      Yep those and Atomic Warheads. Wore a hole through my damn tongue.

    • meegwell

      Yeah, he was the first kid in town whose parents had a BJ's or Costco membership.

    • TherealJoel

      i was that kid…

    • TherealJoel
    • juan

      that was me so many times i cant remember

      • anonnnnn

        now i sell pot out of my locker

  • Katerina Zoi Kepenekou

    safe to turn off pc. omg. had forgoten that.

    • vicrom252

      Haha i totally forgot about that
      Now i force shutdown everytime.

    • Steve

      Me too. I can't count how many times that failed to show up, and the inevitable power cord ripping / surge switch kicking that followed.

  • mrjimmyos

    #11 – I remember these from the 90s, so awesome
    #20 – I remember this show, strange show
    #22 – These were so fun, my pets were like 'inatimate object, oka- WTF!'

    • Sizzle

      Uh, thanks for sharing, I guess.

    • plop

      press #22 against neck… and voila!! fake hickie

      • uynrfeerg

        #22 push it inside out then put on table then….. POP if flys like 20ft in the air.

  • bbqboobs

    #4 You don't know how long I spent trying to see that.

    • AnyoneForCoffee


    • Yo Mamma

      I still have one of those books. I leave it on my coffee table, I love watching people try to get it. They stare to 2 minutes, then I slap the back of the book.

    • aleXTC

      Whenever is see these things it reminds me of that Mall Rats movie. :p
      so awesome

  • RustyxTrombone

    Ahhh yes #19

  • bkfrijoles

    #4 holy sh!t i loved those things

  • IWantMyThrowBackNick

    #8 is slightly disappointing…it's missing THE staples of the original Nicktoons…Doug and Rugrats

    • Sizzle

      Yeah, get rid of Cat-Dog (show sucked anyway), Spongebob, and Invader Zim. Those shows aren't old enough to be nostalgic. Seriously, it's a crime they didn't include Rugrats or Doug.

    • Brad

      your right doug was awesome

      • HollarPeenYo

        I think Skeeter was secretly banging Patty Mayonnaise behind Doug's back…

  • 6655321

    #26 Balky and Cousin Larry. I wish I could watch that show again.

    • adfs

      someone has the whole series on youtube. I watched every episode while I was laid off. (yes, instead of finding a job)

      • Ryno

        That show sucked.

      • been

        boochie, boochie, boochie….

    • MacNCheesePro

      I never missed an episode of that show! I can't believe they didn't get better careers after that show went off the air.

  • Netoward

    Oh, god! All of my childhood was there,
    How can I forget killing ducks with my nintendo 😥 ?

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #1 #4 #8 #20 #26 were basically my childhood. good times!

    Powdered… Toast… MAN!!!

    • Pic-mania

      You're a douche

      • ania-ania-ania

        yeah he really is(i'm actually surprised a guy who's a big enough tool to call himself "beermonkey" isn't a bigger douche).

        • xXbeermonkeyXx

          its a work in progress. gimme time and i'll become a bigger douche, promise
          cheers, beers

    • Doc

      Alley-oop!! 20 years already… Sadness.

  • NDchiver

    They need to bring back Angry Beavers!

    • yourmom

      instant play on netflix, bitches.

  • الــعــجــيــب

    #14 ;_; feels bad man , i really miss this

  • ibs

    #14 ….. Flashbacks !

  • ilovelemonsquares

    #17 and back then, that was good enough!

    • Slauter

      This was considered CLEAR

      • davis

        man you guys got colour luckyyyyyyy

    • nostalgiafap

      And to think all this time I thought I was alone in my scrambled fapping…

      • biindsp0t

        ^ I lol'ed ^ I thought the same…

    • Lalo Teijeiro

      omg so.. much.. nostalgia…
      so… true

    • gooenough

      does that cloud look like a boob?

  • Joe

    #29 So far I'm not a millionaire and I never dated Kelly. I'm beginning to think these were a lie.

    • CalculatedRisk

      Crisis, seeing this threw me for the BIGGEST nostalgia loop!

      I know it's asking a lot, but does anyone care to share how to fold and fill out one of these bay boys again? My poor little brain's been trying to reference the past for the last hour, and I'm no closer to getting it…

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