Comedian relentlessly pranks the hotel maids (8 Photos)

Bert Kreischer is a stand-up comedian and he's constantly traveling. Before Bert checks out of his hotel, he always leaves the maid a gift.

  • RichXTC

    Funny, gotta try that some day…

    • Takingbackcider

      I'm sure they'd prefer a tip tho!

  • prankster

    this shit is pretty bizarre. they might wonder where the blood came from on #5 even if it is fake

    • retard

      yeah i'm sure that's real blood ….

  • DanFromDetroit

    This is less pranking and more being a douche

    • Eddie

      I have to agree. I know I'll get thumbs down from some idiot but it's not that funny.

      • Henrik

        Hey! I'm kind of not an idiot.

    • aosux

      #8 is pretty good. The simplicity makes it.

    • Moby

      And that's why you should leave the comedy to the experts

      • testington

        yeah, any of those would be funny to do to a friend who leaves his door unlocked but maids have shitty enough jobs as it is…what a dick

        • Badfish

          Yeah I have to agree. Underpaid workers doing a thankless job for little money probably aren't the best choice for a prank… especially when that prank makes doing their job so much harder.

          Hope he left a big tip.

        • ShakeyTheMoyle

          I would have to disagree….I think whilst they do their shitty job, something like this would make their day or at least make em laugh.

    • tmoney

      hey dan….go fuck yourself….haha, now was i being funny or a douchebag

  • Ebiggz

    Definitely gotta try #1 the next time I'm at a hotel.

  • Big E

    #8 is simple and great

    • Underhill

      My favorite.

  • Buzz

    All the maids are probably like "aye it's that gringo loco again"

  • Stafferty

    Charlie Sheen has you beat for "Surprises in a hotel room". Still creative though. I like it.

    • Alex

      I think David Carradine beats everybody for hotel room surprises. ZING!

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #7 torso in the fridge is awesome. needed a little more blood to be scary as hell

  • McBeastie

    Not bad but his tv show sucks balls. #6

  • Frylock

    I really doubt that the maids think this is funny. Kind of being a dick really. Giving these under-paid people more work to do.

    • Its-a me, Mario

      because putting things in the trashcan, or putting laundry in the laundry bag is not their job. And Also: is that you? major Buzzkill?

    • Rachel Thurman

      I used to be a housekeeper and I definitely would have found this very entertaining and curious! Sometimes cleaning rooms gets too repetitive. At least he was pretty clean

  • echogeo

    I take it Bert does most of his traveling by bus.

  • Ado

    The movie Van Wilder is actually based on his time in college…….no shit.

    And he is a great podcast guest.

  • Joe

    They also wrote an article on him in 1997 Rolling Stone about his time in college (thus spawning Van Wilder) –

  • bless1

    #4-Noice! Monday is moving along so well.

  • bkfrijoles

    Im so gonna do this now

  • Eskimo

    Nothing like making life harder on a bunch of underpaid, overworked, poorly educated, poverty stricken single moms just trying to make ends meet in a dead in job. Hilarious. I also wonder if he left money to replace the bed sheets he ruined?

  • Ron

    This was funny when I saw it last week. A little late to the party Chive.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Ha, saw this after he was on Joe Rogan's podcast. Great stuff.

  • Ash

    Remind me never to see his comedy, if this is what he thinks is funny.

  • Chiefer

    To the haters. Picture yourself a maid in a hotel. You go about your mundane day of cleaning up after the general public and then you come into a room and find this. It might just brighten thier day a bit. Humor goes a long way. I would think this shit is pretty funny and would be calling all my coworkers to come check it out. You get home at night and now you actually have something somewhat interesting that happened during your otherwise mundane day.

    • spud

      I've been there, working back of the house, and adding to the work load is not appreciated. The standard was 15 rooms per person per day, and more stuff to do just kills the Room attendant. This doesn't count as humour, it's just annoying or potentially a termination if the RA can't keep up.

  • Ash

    This guy's a comedian? People pay to see shit like this?

  • IMHO

    I hope that he leaves a good tip. I always leave a fiver on top of the pooper if splash-back gets serious.

    • spud

      Hide tips for the RA under a coffee cup on the bedside stand, that way the leeches in Guest Services won't scoop it when they pick up your bags.

  • Elyse

    Wither you find this funny or not, I hope you all leave house keeping tips. I work at a hotel, and I'll admit I think my girls would find this pretty funny, but only if they got left a nice fat tip for the extra work!

  • cmanche

    his tv show sucks.

  • MacNCheesePro

    LMAO! Awesome!

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