It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (33 Photos)

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  • tits_mcgee_

    #31 envy that man

    • Jaeger

      LOL…that job is great …TILL he goes two rows down and its a guy.

      • Handginas

        Or when he is slapped with a sexual harassment suit.

        • Beth Vogel

          Or one of the girls farts on his hand.

      • Cake is a Lie

        If you got to finger 50 girls in yoga pants at the cost of grabbin 1 dudes balls, would you do it?

        • jkn


          • hot carl

            potentially, that is a great scenario, realistically, you're gay

            • DCMOFO

              Only 2% gay.

              • UserName


        • j22

          50 for 1? hell ya

  • Jak

    #2 Yeah once. Just don't use wood!

    • Jeff D

      its one of them flaming bags of poop again. Don't put out with your boots TED!

  • nywolf

    #14 actually had comments of "chive on." on the site. it was awesome to see our boys spreading the news 😀 and can you believe people were actually saying "i wouldn't let that pedobear touch me" and "even that pedobear isn't good enough"… almost had me telling them off.

    • Paul

      well…i'm ready to be pedo'd

  • Carlos Spicy Wiener

    #28 Gary Busey's daughter?

    • BobSugar

      Utah! Get me two!

      • Randy Marsh

        Nice Point Break reference

    • Glueman71

      Never mind the daughter…Gary Busey?

    • Sal


  • Ace

    Ahhh, my favorite part of Monday's… But I should be framing for my test, damn you Chive! I could use some soup #13

    • Ace


    • Conor

      Hey, thats not Ireland! We never get sunshine like that..

  • HeavyD

    #26 Dirty mother earth

  • Jusnel Gonzalez

    #211 made me laugh, and #33 needs to be forwarded to the feds!

  • opiateofthemasses073


  • Beth Vogel

    #26 The Great Wall of Vagina

  • asdfghjkl;

    #5 25 year old actresses playing high school girls is beautiful

    • AtomManhattan

      A buddy of mine watches that show, and not only is the music terrible as @#$&, but this isn't even the hottest girl on the show. I find this chick's face to be quite repugnant, not to mention she's a total cunt. I kind of just want to fucking punch her. No idea why people find this chick so hot, I mean, sure she's nice from the neck down, but there are women out there with pretty faces and hot bodies…

  • DistractedIndividual

    What an idiot! #33

  • Da Sandman

    #20 my ps3 can…

    • b-ry

      as can mine….

    • Conor

      Yes, i was bout to troll and be a Sony fanboy, but i was beating to it, thank you good sir 🙂

      • DCBizzle

        @Conor, beating to it?

  • musetv

    #3 win!

  • McSgwigga

    I love it when I check the Chive and find 4 posts have appeared since I last checked. Magic

    • Wesley Mantooth

      That just means you're not checking enough!

  • TIZ

    I know! how does one pull that off without being slapped?

    • mbomb

      I think being slapped is probably the least of his worries, that pic screams lawsuit or worse.

  • Dan

    Meanwhile, in religion. #24

    • Petey

      don't be silly. Texas doesn't believe in dinosaurs… or evolution… or scientific fact

      • Dr. Ken Noisewater

        your speaking out of pure ignorance, you sir, are a fail.

  • Ebiggz

    #28 that is the SCARIEST thing I have ever seen!!!!

  • Cris_Ron

    Just had a some delicious soup. dont remember much after tho….

  • Borracho

    #24 You got it wrong. That might be a good explanation in West Virginia, but in Texas Jesus killed them with fire or something.

    • @Kuetsar

      Of course in Utah it was Joseph Smith. . . .

    • Texas

      I'm from Texas and I laughed. But if you're not from Texas and you laughed, f*** off: your state sucks.

      • financial aids

        hey wisconsin is great. we have happy cows unlike california.


        I laughed too because everyone who doesnt live in texas still thinks we ride horses to work and stupid shit like that. Sorry our state used to be a country…

        • top dog

          I've there many times, you do ride horses to work….and so do everybody that drive's a car.

          FUCK TEXAS!!!

          • Plante

            Learn to write a complete and correct sentence, then make fun of Texas. Idiot.

    • Glenn_Coco

      Everyone knows that "On the third day, God created the Remington bolt-action rifle, so man could fight the dinosaurs."

    • Ando

      People, people…!! Can't we all just get along and keep making fun of Mexico..??!

  • Zachary Franklin

    #33 I think he may have been dipping into the alcohol and wacky tobacky before practicing with the firearms

  • BobSugar

    I thought that was High St?

    • Brad

      there is a high st and a gay st in west chester… although gay st is divided into east and west gay streets…

      the corner of high and gay is a crazy part of town…

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    i want a pillow like #22. with it all the kids will stop picking on me

  • simon

    #26 is how i imagine a Snookie upskirt shot would look. Leaves and all.

    • Rite

      After I read your comment I threw up.

    • Glenn_Coco

      I regret that I can only give your comment one thumbs up. I lol'd.

  • Jen


  • Jeremy

    #24 I'm pretty sure that's from the Creationism Museum.

    • fukthegop

      this would be funny if ppl didnt actually believe this. they get to vote too smh

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