Street art: Make no little plans they have no magic to stir men’s blood (26 photos)

  • First


    • steven

      your a douchebag

      • musetv


        if you will insist on using the english language, use it properly

        • Captlazarus

          English should be capitalized. The Massengill is on you my friend.

          • musetv


            don't begin palming off your american ways as english. i'll correct my capitalisation when americans begin calling the language they speak 'american' and not 'english'.

            • bobsky

              So, by that so-called logic, Mexicans don't speak Spanish since they don't live in Spain? Citizens of the Ivory Coast don't speak French since they don't live in France? Just admit it musetv, and take it like a man, you messed up.

      • yanetosaurus


      • YOU

        And you're grammatically incorrect.

    • DefendDallas

      DIE DIE DIE!!!

      • DizzyBone

        Great song.

        "Lie down with your hands behind you're back"
        (Shotgun cocks) "Nah bitch, you lie your funky ass on the ground, NOW"

  • 8888


  • zoomum3

    #18 made me giggle!

  • USAF

    I liked #24 the best

    • aosux

      I know exactly how Snoopy feels. I wish I was lying on top of my house right now…wait. Um, yeah, I'm stickin with that. It has to be better than work.

  • Catence

    #2 is amazing.

    • yay boobs

      I agree with Catences boobs. Yay Boobs!

  • FO REAL!

    #14 makes you wonder…..

    • I'm curious

      …about what?

      • raf


      • paintguy

        huffing paint?

  • dastlast

    #26 Is mind twisting. Awesome 3D effects!

  • bud

    i say #6 for the win

  • Lauren Gentile

    #16 is so creative! Not the most artistic but definitely is awesome for making use of those cracks!

    • Mike

      I thought the same thing of this and #18 something about using the landscape to create art that really gets me

    • AdamBaldick

      I wonder if spiderman can climb as good as bear grylls from Man vs. Wild??

    • C. O'Brien

      Something clever about cracks

    • HeavyD

      i c what u did there

  • Stafferty

    #5 #6 Chive order win.
    "Love is the answer, just google it"

  • mojo2975

    #26 is my favorite, love the 3D effect.

    • mar

      Probably because it is 3D…

  • Vince

    #10 #11 #12 #8 #9
    The least you could have done was get the order right.

  • joe

    Until I actually SEE MBW make anything, I'll continue to consider him a sham.

    • Jack44

      Joe, I couldn't agree with you more

  • Jonny5

    If only it were true….

  • mrbrixon

    good stuff…

  • clemgrad03

    Nice Daniel Burnham reference in the title Chive, bravo!

  • bless1

    #4-good stuff, keep it comming Chive.

  • GK-4

    #4 is my favorite
    even though it made me sad

  • Josh Gorter

    #13 just imagine waking up in the middle of night and that is standing in the corner of room.

    • Liam

      It's actually from a My Chemical Romance music video. I don't know why it's here.

  • Sick

    saw #4 on a poster with this caption: "In God we trust. Everyone else we monitor"

  • Tyler

    Quit being a beastly arse and man up to your bloody mistake. Pip pip cheerio.
    ..I think i used it right…

  • Jase

    #13 is a My Chemical Romance thing, just so everyone knows.

  • Nathan Bowen

    dude. american english. royal english. south african english… australian english… you're a culturally boorish and elitist psuedo-intellectual if you think it was the 'mericans who bastardized your speak. this is teh internets. go to hell.

  • Jimbob Jones

    Nice! More of this please. Get some C215 pieces in there too, he's insane.

  • the truth

    We took your fucking language, douche. And the concept is called dialect, fucktard. Language progresses anywhere it happens to be used, moron. Even you Brits changed the English language over time, dimwit. Man up, you screwed up.

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