• http://thechive.com Sarah

    Awwwh. Poor Guy. That would have been a pretty good joke if that door hadn't got stuck.

    • newscot

      I think it's funnier because the door wouldn't open.

  • Random

    He won't be getting laid for a while

    • Junior

      I don't think he was getting laid that much anyway…

      • blue

        thx 4 the laugh guys, needed it-

    • WhatWillBee

      I would totally do him

  • SweetAwesomeness

    I wanted him to fall face first running down those stairs so bad!!!

  • Hans Moleman

    why does Superman need a cell phone?

  • http://Stefanhartman.com Stefan Hartman


  • http://twitter.com/jamieluvstea @jamieluvstea

    Well at least he got on TheChive 🙂

  • Kent


  • Sir Stix-a-lot

    Don't knock this guy, none of you would have the balls to do something like this…although yes he did fail spectacularly-

  • Shawn

    that is hilarious, hahahaha definetly made me smile this afternoon

  • jp34

    wow what an idiot

    • viv

      I know! Imagine not know a FIRE DOOR wouldn't open! Idiot

  • Sauru

    faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, however double doors are still a major obstacle

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    LOLOLOL try too hard, get joke destroyed by locked door, make people laugh even louder: epic success!

  • lidalida

    Superman, you have met your match. The door is locked.

  • Orgazoid

    What a Douchetard

    • jonathan

      Says the person who uses the word "douchetard".

  • u-know

    "is this door a push or a pull"

  • Stumpy McTumpletons

    I'd hardly call this a fail. It was meant to be funny and the stuck door made it funnier, I'm sure he made some joke about it after the camera cut off.

    • b-ry

      agree 100%. the door locked made me laugh even more.

    • Ashleigh


  • Brother Maynard

    Great idea, a little off on the exit, but give the guy credit for having the attachments to pull it off.

  • hahahurs

    I bet this guy is related to George Bush.

    • 123

      I bet you're related to someone who says random stupid things. I don't even like W but you make him seem like a mental giant.

      • Chiefs420

        I bet you are! So there! nananana boo boo!

  • marschie

    i think he did it on purpose.
    it's muuuch funnier now than if the door would have opened correctly.

  • Bob


  • http://machiavellichronicles.com maximuspc

    It's all in the details…

  • the MAN

    looks like someone lost a bet!

  • AZbtchs

    only the coolest heroes have signals in the sky. Get with it.

  • Lea

    Really not that much of a fail….

  • IMHO

    Door mechanisms brought to you by Wayne Industries.

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