• The_BOFH

    Like it or not, that was cute!

  • http://www.facebook.com/masternatron Nathan Bowen

    great video. saw it the other day. sadly no butterflies too.

  • RufioRufioRuFi

    Your pussy smells like fish

  • Htisss

    Dolphins are horny bastards…it just wanted a little pussy.

  • mickey

    Well can we start challenging theChive to animal pairings on video… lets see some bats messing with rhinos.. or a pack of wolves and a liger.

    • Ken

      A sloth and an hagfish.

      A Penguin and a Praying Mantis.

      A sidewinder and a Jellyfish.

      A Naked Mole Rat and a Hedgehog….maybe that one is not such a good idea….

  • Oh no

    We're all fucked!

  • Birdhaus32

    Dolphins and dogs. Better yet, dogs riding dolphins!

  • MrJones

    Together at last?
    Every cat thats eaten tuna has met one.

    • Jay

      Dolphins and Tuna are different…..tard.

      • Bill

        Your fail is even funnier than the original joke.

      • douche

        someone doesnt get it

      • KeyserSoze

        go to google. look up bycatch. then look up fail…

      • Dick LeGrande

        It's a joke……turd.

    • AveragePussy

      This comment is not funny. Many innocent dolphins were killed in the process of canning tuna fish. This is in bad taste chive, you should remove this comment. It does not belong with humorous and funny comments.

      • hMMMM

        ahHAHAHAHhahahahahHAHAHAHha – I think your comment is funny.

  • bettingonthecubs

    anyone else hoping the cat fell in?

    • Smarter than you

      Boy you're a prick

  • onlunch

    Dolphins are the only mammal other than man to have sex just for the fun of it…

    True Story

    • Henrik

      Do you think some of the women dolphins are willing to do a bj?

    • Troll of Truth

      They can also recognize that they are looking at themselves in a mirror

      • MurderDeathKill

        They're also the only other mammal that will commit murder just for the fun of it.

    • BeccaB86

      And females dolphins use sex to get the male dolphin to quit playing Call of Duty just so she can watch Grey's Anatomy.

      True story.

    • Fred

      Some people believe anything. Do you have any idea how often monkeys/gorillas fuck? For them it's like a casual greeting.

    • Ken

      Bonobo Chimpanzees.

  • Thrice

    Your argument is invalid

  • alex


  • northerner

    Definitely a cool video. Love cats/dogs, dislike fish but realizing a Dolphin isn't technically a fish if I remember correctly. Something back in a dark, dusty memory file somewhere…Still a cute vid.

  • http://machiavellichronicles.com MaxPC

    cute overload, cannot… compute.

  • Virulent87


  • GRyde

    Meh…needed some boobs to save it.

  • rAuben

    Definitely put a smile on my face!

  • Diana Santos

    one of the cutest things i ever see!! ❤

  • MariJane

    That was so awesome! Prolly one of the cutest things I've seen in a while, great post!

  • Pufffdragon

    Was anyone else waiting for the dolphin to eat that cat?

    • Ryno

      Now that would have been awesome.

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