Daily Afternoon Randomness (45 Photos)

  • Brother Maynard

    #45 Hello!

    • rich

      whoever found her. thankyou so much. been looking for ever!

    • http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Smilezzz Aaron Burns

      Now what did we learn today? you should be saying… Hello Misa Campo!

    • Troll of Truth

      #6 Gandalf is gay

      • Anon

        And Sauron is fucking tall.

      • Tim


    • dasuperfan

      click click click…. what are you doing…. taking a mental picture for my spank bank

    • financial aids
    • ...

      her name is like Jarjar Bink's saying he's camping.

      Still hot though 😛

    • Kian

      she's a filipina

  • forrester

    #29 ROFLMAO

    • Blake

      Her names Amanda Wenk. Trust me, this picture doesn't do her justice. You're welcome.

      • Blake

        btw google her

        • Ben

          I heard she got a boob reduction… moment of silence please.

    • financial aids
    • Mike

      The tidy overly shiny wall unit suggests they have a mother who said "wait, let me clean up before you take a picture!" George Bush on TV explains the actual photo. Both together explain 'Merica.

  • Yuko

    2 words: I Would!

    • marlon

      ……hit that!

    • No Shit

      No shit? You are a wild man. Hitting that? What a hero!

    • Tone

      State obvious, get thumbs up.

  • Tiffany


    • prince albert

      …dadpole to reach an egg that was clearly missing some info.

    • naysayer

      umm nay

    • James

      Just fucking stop doing that….

    • financial aids
      • Wolfp

        even more fail

  • Dan

    I LOVE DARRR!!!!!!!

    • Tutorial

      State obvious, get thumbs up.

      • Check again


      • Check again

        See comment above

    • mtella88

      You love the Daily Afternoon Randomness Randomness Randomness???

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.prack Jonathan Prack

    I love the DAR

  • Racktastic

    I wish I was born a bike seat!

    • Brother Maynard

      She'd probably fart on you.

      • Completely Serious

        I would inhale he farts through a straw

    • http://www.facebook.com/luis.happy14 Arauz Luis

      who is she????

    • dasuperfan

      careful what you wish for you could end up being her seat #12

    • truthvirus

      I'd rather been born a pair of jeans.

    • ShaHiRo

      you're a douche so there's still hope

    • Ken


      Jess Versus my Volcano!

  • JohnQ

    #35 Delicious

    • lol

      You don't say…

    • Jak

      I would cock smack her flesh envelop

      • Jak

        Same goes for #43 and #45

    • Dillon Crow

      Hey, it's my beautiful girlfriend holding the guitar she painted me for my birthday. Only if her other picture made the DAR. Oh and I cock smack her flesh envelope quite frequently.

      • Chamilam

        Good for you and keep up the good fight

    • funkyf

      uh…….Moar? Please?

  • mike


  • Sharon

    #1 is really imrpressive

    • ROK247

      cow-abunga? but no seriously that guy is freaking awesome.

    • biggles

      the BIG KAHUNA..ya morons

      • SeaBassEX

        Indeed . . .

    • jefernbach

      Someone shoud tell that guy there isn't any SPAM in that wave

    • tex

      Jimbo fringin' rips! And a nice guy, too. If you don't think this guy charges then pull back a bit and watch him go past ya! This is Padang-Padang in Bali, one the the worlds heaviest paddle-in lefts in the world at low tide. Here's a comp for ya: http://www.tubetube.tv/media/fat-surfer-jimbo-pel

      • asb

        so he's allowed to drop in on people? i kid. though that looked pretty blatant. rips for sure, big or small. i imagine it helps him with his duck dives.

  • Joel

    #43 Jinkys!

    • uberbrie

      Damn…you beat me to it

    • sean

      amazing – find more of her please

      • This Is Me

        Indeed! And don't lose your glasses!

      • jaredallas

        This is from Scooby Doo: A XXX Parody

    • This Is Me

      Hey, I think that is Bobbi Star

      • dasuperfan

        very nice good lookin out

    • Gumshoe

      Do find, please.

    • Bob


      • SweetAwesomeness

        so then was i the only one who thought she looked like the lesbian chick on the Scooby Doo cartoons??

    • Thebigdeac

      Jenkies, yo. That's nice.

      • DaveAmi

        ruh roh!

    • midgeteskimo

      It's Bobbi Star from the porn parody of Scooby Doo. Watched it with my wife the other night, pretty good.

    • RGH

      Who knew Velma was so hot.

    • dizzard

      And everyone always says Daphne is the hot one

    • Here2Help
  • MikeofLA

    #27 and #43 made me stop breathing for a second…

    • Belaruss

      My sentiment exactly.

    • Photos

      It's ok, they're just photos.

    • Scooby Doo

      Scooby likey! Scooby want Jinkies!

  • JohnQ

    #31 im proud of u son.

    • keeees

      Pic is from Finland. Know from the bottle. Thats like part of the elementary school disco etiquette to hold the girls ass when u dance. Really.

  • Paula_

    It's Tuuuuesday, Tuuuuesday, time for a joke.

    What goes: clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop…
    >Bang!<, >Bang!<, >Bang!<, >Bang!<
    clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop…?

    An Amish drive-by shooting!

    – the one you love to hate

    • jjj

      your fucking retarded

      • KeyserSoze


    • DistractedIndividual

      OMFG I have never heard that one! LoLz And it was hilarious too haha oh ha……
      ….JK, you suck, go fap to some cheesy anime now:)

      • Paula_

        That's the upside of amnesia, this joke still cracks me up every single day.

        – the one… uhmm… what was I doing here again?

        • Ugh

          You're like the mosquito I keep missing with my newspaper, over and over and over.

          • Paula_

            Be sure to enjoy the chase dear.

            – the one you keep missing (that was touching, thank you<3)

            • ...

              I hate you Paula. But you are an awesome troll. Kudos.

      • newhere

        wow, chivers can be real pricks it seems……

    • mikey

      I thought the clip-clop was your tits hitting the ground as you walk…Apes sure do walk funny…..

    • rishi_11_2002


  • Finster172

    #29 Thats the worst case of gonorrhea Ive ever seen.

    • blake

      Her names Amanda Wenk. Trust me, this photo doesn't do her justice. google her. You're welcome

      • Finster172

        You were right.

    • aosux

      So, you see a lot of cases of gonorrhea then?

  • SteveG


    Keep up the good work Patty

    • GK-4

      anyone keeping count of how many pounds our boy's lost?

      • C'mon

        Like 12 of something. They need to stick him in a sauna so we can get some more of that strip tease

    • IronEagle119

      Damnit Patty, get your ass in gear! There are boobies at stake here and you are taking a nap!

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      wait a minute, thats the same bean bag used for the shay maria photoshoot. now i understand why he crashed there!
      chive on!

  • Shawn

    #44….just a simple misunderstanding after a few drinks

    • Andy

      That caterpillar is about to die a slow and horrific death. It's being implanted with an egg that will eat it alive and emerge from the body a la Alien style. For real, yo.

    • Paula_

      Actually it's cruel: in this case the wasp is a parasite insect that attacks Caterpillars. The wasp lays its eggs on caterpillars, or host insects. The eggs produce tiny larvae that eat into the caterpillar, eventually killing the host insect. The larvae release a substance that will make the host eat non-stop, just so the larvae can feed on the host more.

      – the one educating Chivers

      • Ugh

        You're like the mosquito that I keep missing with a newspaper, over an over and over.

      • callsahan

        make her stop chive, she's ruining the DAR

        • Paula_

          "Make her stop Chive"… are you sure you fully understand what you're saying there? I don't want to stop TheChive silly!

          – the one who could stop TheChive

          • non dumbass


    • tom a

      isnt this the scary wasp that inserts it's eggs into a caterpillar and then when the eggs hatch they eat the caterpillar from the inside….

    • Forest

      Once you go caterpillar, you never go back … or so I've heard.

    • Mattd

      surprise buttsex

    • Guilherme

      Pedo among insects.

    • http://www.facebook.com/timothy.parrish3 Timothy Parrish

      That's gonna sting in the morning…

  • dgfsdgs

    #1. Wow

  • IDrinkToMuch

    #28 he probably landed this

  • Jimmy5923

    #39, it's blanks.

    • Jeremy

      Blanks or not, that guy barely flinched. I'd say he earned "Like a Boss".

      • Jimmy5923

        He definitely took it like a boss, no argument there.

    • pdiddily is gaaay

      Does it really matter?
      Brandon Lee would tell you they are just as dangerous!

      • Jimmy5923

        Brandon Lee got shot with a round lodged in the barrel, not blanks. Although they have the same propellant as regular "live" rounds, they're nowhere near "just as dangerous"

        • jimmy likes jimmys

          They may not be "just as dangerous," "technically," but both can kill you. Maybe Brandon Lee wasn't killed by an actual blank, but there are people that have died from them, including Jon-Erik Hexum.
          And judging by haw far that dudes hat went flying after being hit with a blank, if that hit him in the temple, Im pretty sure it would be lights out.

          • jimmys jimmy

            They use air guns. It's just a puff of air.

            • Your Face

              I've seen the actual video. They charge the rifles after every shot. Deff blanks and not air rifles (They're not pussies in the woods)

          • Jimmy5923

            Yeah, I'm not saying you couldn't somehow die from a blank round but like you said it's not as dangerous as a live round.

    • Fandango

      Thanks for the info, I was about to say something sarcastic about #38.

      Like "Chive, you do not have to 'look close' to see that that guy nearly got his head blown off". It's not "subtle" or anything.

  • JohnQ

    #27 Bonerrific!

    • barabotz

      Couldn't have said it better myself

    • Sarcasm

      Quite the astute observation.

  • Gravy

    #43 mmmm bobbi star!

    • Shaggy

      Must. Bone. Velma.

      • ADAM

        Who doesn't love VELMA WOW.

  • stickeys

    the very big kahuna

  • Matt

    #28 Talk about the worst day ever!!!!

  • Laurend

    #43 Is she dressing as a Scoobie Doo character?

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