Found: Liz from Miami (12 Photos)

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The photo above has torched the internet over the past month. Then yesterday, we posted the photo directly below in our famous 'Find Her' gallery and things started coming together. Thanks for our friends at Barstool U and one of our awesome Chivers, we can tell you her name is Liz and she's from Miami... and that's about it. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't mind seeing a little more. Whaddya' think?

Edit: A few Chivers are saying Liz is actually from New York. We'll try to confirm this.

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  • poppajo

    She could put me in a headlock with her thighs and I wouldn't even resist!

  • singleservingfriend

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, this is my buddies sister. No joke….and shes not from Miami, shes from Long Island

    • Guest

      He's right. She's from LI, but goes to Miami…transferred there a year or so ago. I'm friends with her on FB, but not giving out the name, because we don't need any internet heroes ruining things.

      • The Chivery

        you mistake us for the sort of people who give a damn.

      • atotalcad

        Elizabeth Agans

        • guest

          WRONG. In fact, not even close.

  • iri

    dios mio

  • teximport

    For that frame, her curves are wonderful !
    That's some sexy shit. I love a regular girl over photo shoppeded

  • neXx

    – yummy.

  • Pani Booyah

    I've had better!…..sorry I was talking about this sandwhich I'm eating. She's nicey nice

  • drewdeze

    she's a real pretty average chick. her face is a 7, but that body is a 12

  • b-ry

    haha…Chive FAIL

    • not that hard folks

      she's from NY but she goes to the university of miami….

      • nywolf

        Maybe, but the only thing telling us that she has a connection to Miami is the anonymous chiver who commented in the "find her" section, and he said that she was from Miami since the barstool site said so, and the site says New York, as you see in my link. Either way it sucks from me, since I don't teach at UM any more…

        • i who 'found' liz

          she was featured as "smokeshow of the day" a while back on the NY site, meaning she's FROM New York. however, she doesn't technically live there anymore because she goes to school in MIAMI, but they'll still feature her regardless cuz she grew up there.

          • nywolf

            And you KNOW that she goes to school at UM? cause right now the chive was going on what YOU posted before. Then again, you claimed that you had seen in the barstool that she was from Miami, so thats what chive said, yet shes not from there and besides the person who claimed that that is where she is now, there is no way to find that she really is there…

            • Guest

              I know for a fact she goes to the University of Miami. She transferred there last year from a NY school. She's from Long Island originally, her boyfriend is still in the area (and is a major, major dickbag.) And I suppose I could prove it by giving you her name, but that would ruin things for everyone.

  • carl

    Go to Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You will find lots like this…

  • Toodd

    #5 looks like the face she would give me after I disappoint her

  • holdencxm9

    #10 you have the most amazing hips

  • iambigd42

    #6 she is stupid hot

  • Vincent

    #10. No words, really. But that's my dream vacation view.

  • moonblack

    i like that view

  • cbs5090

    She has nekkid pictures somewhere. Theres no doubt in my mind.

  • James

    Big Fan !!!

  • mojo2975

    #1 very beautiful, she def needs her own post again.

  • DAR

    #1 makes me wanna go to the pet store, buy a couple fishes, then head to walmart, and return the shirt i bought becuase it's too big, then go to red hot n blue for a meatball sub with fries and a pickle.

  • Mark

    Agree with everyone else. Looks like a unanimous MOAR!!!

  • Blipvert

    Not sure who loves her more, Chivers or herself.

  • Bruno Mignaco

    Liz, call me..

    • spud

      no one's gonna call your ugly ass…..

  • echogeo

    Liz, if you want to submit a new pic for Hump Day tomorrow I think everyone here would be okay with that. What do you say all? Thumbs up?

  • James

    I hope Liz becomes a Chivette

  • ryan

    I would give her a 10 hands down!

  • steve

    #5 is the look she gives you when your on top.

    #1 is the look she gives you when she is on top.

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