Found: Liz from Miami (12 Photos)

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The photo above has torched the internet over the past month. Then yesterday, we posted the photo directly below in our famous 'Find Her' gallery and things started coming together. Thanks for our friends at Barstool U and one of our awesome Chivers, we can tell you her name is Liz and she's from Miami... and that's about it. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't mind seeing a little more. Whaddya' think?

Edit: A few Chivers are saying Liz is actually from New York. We'll try to confirm this.

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  • Mike_Hancho

    So hot she hurts #6

  • Mylan L. Trivanovich

    Yes, Liz is pretty hot. She has fairly good photographers, too, which is not always the case.

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  • gtommy

    went to high school with liz, yes from NY

  • MIAallDAY

    i fucked liz

  • GueSt

    she iz pretty fn hotttttt

  • @WhichiWhichiWa

    i cried a lot i mean a lot

  • alex

    If you're nice, I'll let you marry me.

  • Always Last


  • Nadhia

    It seems that #8 is the odd one out. The map is an analysis of the German iosvainn of France (Fall Gelb) instead of Overlord.It’s indeed a pity that so few photo’s of British and Canadian troups are shown.

  • BaasBert

    Did you find her yet Chive?

  • HoosierChiver

    Can we do a "Where is he now" post?

    • fubar

      second that!

  • Adam

    This girl is as perfect as it gets.

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