Hot Right Now: Interesting thoughts we learned from nostalgic cartoons (20 Photos)

It’s Tuesday, you should get away (21 HQ Photos)

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  • Angela

    Where are all these places. That way us chivers can go there and take our photos.

  • Tzotte

    Anybody know where #2 is? Looks a lot like Iceland, and if that's the case I'd like to see it in person.

  • Captain Admiral

    Dear Chive,
    Everyday people challenge you to find the women, most of whom are half-naked (which is great, I'm not complaining), in the pictures you post. Today, I challenge you to find the place in #4. …You won't. That's right, I said you won't. What are you gonna do about it?

    The Admiral

  • kev

    #6 and #10

  • Pxlnight13

    #14 reminds me of minecraft :]
    beautiful post

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    […] Beautiful travel desktop wallpapers (The Chive) […]

  • lucky

    these are never big enough for my computer screen 😦

  • Luckyguy

    Want hot chicks? go to

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