More proof that not all animals suck (30 Photos)

  • Maynard B.

    #10- I wonder what it costs to feed him each week.

    • mrjimmyos

      They just send him out into the wild and he comes back with a deer? XD

    • misschris

      I wonder what is takes to clean up after him each week! aaaaahhhhhhhh!

      • Country Boy

        You don't want to know… I have a Mastiff and if I go somewhere that you need to clean up after my dog, I have to take a plastic grocery bag rather than the clean-up bags you find in pet stores…

        As for the feeding, I go through a 30 lbs bag of dog food every 1-2 weeks.

  • joe

    #6 I dont care if she's under age. I'd still milk those nips. uuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm!

  • orl

    #10 ia real btw! newfoundland dog. huge effers.

  • mrjimmyos

    Greatest animal post yet!

  • JohnQ

    #14 Stand back! i got this.

  • JohnQ

    #12 copy cat

  • JohnQ

    #22 honey, do i look pretty?

  • menacetosouthcentral


  • Matt Nowak

    #6 #19 Lucky animals!!!

  • MaxPC

    #6 is there an animal in this picture?

    Wait, I see what you did there…

    #10 is photoshopped.

    • Rachael

      10 actually isn't shopped, google 'newfoundland dog' they are huge

  • floscar

    #22 looks like Gary Busey's mug shot.

    • echogeo

      Looks like it is three seconds after farting.

  • Laurend

    Anyone else here porn music when they saw this? #13

  • Jen

    #1 pugs are fucking awesome

  • mojo2975

    #19 #6 More of these 2 please.
    #28 know how to eat a well balanced meal.

  • bkfrijoles

    #19 that little puppy is so lucky

  • Jeezy

    Angie Varona
    You'll thank me.

  • bunedoggle

    #6 Sad kitten is sad he has no boobies. #11 Happy cat is happy though.

  • Jimmy5923

    #4 #18 made me lol more than it probably should have

  • Brad

    #22 Farted in front of his girlfriend…

  • echogeo

    #6 What's next Angie, LBP post or Hump Day tomorrow? You could certainly do both.

  • SinisteRtheWickeD

    #6 #19 Luckiest Kitties Ever!

    • SinisteRtheWickeD

      DERP, meant to say PETS not Kitties, gave myself a thumbs down….

  • TylerV

    #22 "hehe…I peed 0:)"

  • TitoRigatoni

    #3 No, I do not think I would like to move it, move it.

  • xglyphx

    #6 and #19 MOAR PELASE and if you could find the girls too that would be swell

  • Jamoda
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