The Far East women have a shine about ’em (17 Photos)

  • jason

    #10 would still hit it

    • jake newton

      I'd hit it too…then NEVER tell anyone

      • SweetAwesomeness

        son….i am dissapoint

    • Bob

      Dude there is nothing to hit…he's got a dick.

      • V4vendetta14

        Even if she had a vagina, I'd still probably try to stick it in her ass…

      • Brendan

        Go for the 2 hole fool

  • joeeeeeeee


    • trollface.jpg

      no offense .. but why doesn't chive show american trannies then?
      just kinda tired that they're almost borderline bashing asian girls…. site run by and followed by average americanoooo trash.


  • meh

    #9 has hips. wtf

    • Anonymoose

      she's half & half.

    • LonelyAirman

      His hips DO lie.

      And Chive, where's the "mindf*ck" label for this post? Or did you just not want to give anything away ahead of time?

    • mike

      that aint no dude, bro

  • Qua

    You had sex with 2 Thai women, and a man.
    You mean I had sex with 3 Thai Women…. wait…NO!

    • JD Marsh

      giggidy giggidy gig-i-ty OHHH

  • Random

    Not falling for it this time, Chive.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 2-9 times, shame on me.

    • V.A.

      All of them, this time. Not just one or two cleverly hidden in the post. Fucking ALL of them were ladyboys.

      You're ruining Asians, Chive. Ruining it badly.

      • BunkerPunk

        At no point do I believe anything theChive says about asian "women". *sees asian women post by theChive *knows post is of ladyboys *scrolls quickly to bottom of ladyboy post to see new Chivers comments about being fooled *laughs

  • uberbrie

    I just discovered something about myself that I'd rather forget.

    • Henry Ward


  • Nom Nom

    #11 "You want to shoot it at least to up here, but ideally shoot for the eyes or in the mouth!"

    • AAA

      Epic oversized russian hat

    • antichuck

      When he sees you have a cock, he's going to try and land a fist here.

  • Finster172

    Not this time Chive!

    ….#8 maybe this one.

    • VZLA-ftw

      this one in just uncanny

    • WTF

      yeah,id let her i mean him,i mean IT suck it

  • perk


  • mike

    Find her please!! I'm about to have yellow fever!! #9

    • uberbrie

      not a very observant reader are you?

    • jesse

      You know how I know your gay?

    • Terry Burke

      no no should find shim. that way he figures it out, i'm guessing he's a visual learner

    • chivealive

      His name is Richard. Friends call him "Dick"!

    • Austin

      all these comments made me laugh. deff light up my day

  • RangerW

    Little bit scared to go to Thailand, how are we supposed to discern! Ahh I remember now, men ring finger is longer than index finger, women its opposite. The surgeon will remove the adams apple, but rarely will they shorten the ring finger.

    • chode

      my ring fingers are shorter… and I definately have a penis.

    • Nate

      #7 must have gone all out…not sure I'm using your logic in thailand…definitely a good start tho

    • VZLA-ftw

      that is not absolute, it deppends on how much testosterone a person was exposed to as a fetus, that's why some women's ring finger is larger, and so are some men's index finger.
      i think the best policy is: when in doubt, assume the worst; and when in thailand abstain, or you WILL unwillingly (or willingly, up to you) touch a trannie's penis

      • kodakkid

        do mick dundee and find out before things get out.

    • monkeyfoot

      if you ask them, they will tell you. they'd rather not surprise people in the moment, they want to f*ck not fight. and the girls generally won't be offended if you ask to make sure, they'll probably even prove it right then that they're not men.

    • Lun Dun

      actually it's men with greater levels of testosterone that have a longer ring finger, hence why many homosexual men have disproportionately longer index fingersl(i'll wait while everyone googles my claim and checks their fingers, lol).

  • Jisper

    #16 I dont believe you.

    • believe it or not

      then you've never been to thailand

      • McBeastie

        I don't believe him either. They will tell you. They do not want some foreign dude beating the shit out of them because of their penis. They are pretty upfront about that shit…….so I've been told.

    • jesse

      When the matter at hand is figuring out if the thing your hugging has a dick….is your best bet really challenging it for proof?

      • Arnold Lane

        But its a tiny dick. Just think of it as a big clit.

        • name


  • Matt Nowak

    NO WAY!!!

  • anonymous

    God damn it chive, this stopped being funny ages ago.

  • Brad

    #8 – oooh!

  • T.T. Tiger

    IT'S A TRAP!!!

  • Urban

    #9 I'd like to run into her at the club. Hot!

    • Guesty


    • Terry Burke

      don't you mean "shim"

    • taranu

      omfg… dude you have something really wrong in your head…

    • HO11YWOOD303

      he obviously didnt read the editors note at the end

      • Urban

        No, I did. I'd still hit it.

        • Norbert Zalog

          "I'd still hit it."

          Unfortunately "she" was thinking the same thing about you.

  • not gay


  • Henry Ward

    something so wrong never felt so right…wtf man

  • daemon

    #4 shocking, but look at her…uh…him…uh…whatever. wondering if I should care!!

  • Falthor

    you sick people

  • jake newton

    Well…Thanks Chive…does this mean I'm gay now? I mean..I only half chubbed up..thats okay right? RIGHT???

    • ming

      If you like men that looks like men, you're gay. You're just attracted to them because they look like women.

  • zym Costanza

    Jerry, when I looked at #8 and #9 …. it moved.

    • Kosmo

      I think it moved…Jerry…..

  • Matt

    Okay, I'll admit it. I definitely thought 6, 9, 13 & 15 were dudes but the rest I was like, eh. Now I guess the joke is that they're ALL dudes? Yikes.

  • Blake

    These dudes are hot…no homo

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