The Far East women have a shine about ’em (17 Photos)

  • m1ssellalicious

    correction! #5 is a korean singer/actress leehyoree. she is born a female and one of the prettiest korean girls IMO

  • Larry

    well, at least #5 is not a ladyboy..

  • Norbert Zalog

    I knew something was up… (no pun intended) because you can easily find way hotter Asian girls.

  • okayarms

    5 is not a dude… come on. She's a Korean hottie!

  • Derek Skinner

    I am NOT having a problem with this.

  • Clark

    If 1, 4, 8 are dudes consider me gay

  • Sugreev2001

    It's A TRAP !

  • ar tee

    Find her and her please… #9 & #10

  • 'berto

    I believe #8 is M-F transgender. Which translates to (no penis/new vagina) = works for me.

  • gorizal

    *fap fap fap* …. oh shit! not again!!

  • Cruisin4boobsN

    That’s why they call it BANGKOK not BANGCUNT

  • Mason

    Number 5 is hyori, a korean pop star. Not a dude.

  • Always Last


  • deric

    Always look at the hands…….

  • IamwhoIam

    alright that can't be right, some them actually have curves…this is just sick and wrong

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