The Far East women have a shine about ’em (17 Photos)

  • NOUU

    half of them are ladyboys I should know I look at alot of ladyboy porn and they all look familiar…..they have dicks.

  • wazzap

    #5 is a really hot chick – a real girl. Hyori Lee, a Korean singer. Look her up.

  • Ethan

    #12 is hot, idgaf

  • maxim2boobles

    Asian Megan Fox

  • joe

    so did i just lose the at the crying game?

  • 4SOC20saint

    haha and here i thought i was being racist for thinkin these asian girls werent really doin it for me…dignity preserved

  • JasonMarak713

    #13 can Yaba-Daba-Doo me anytime he/she wants. rofl

  • tora azure

    to all sexy chivers shown here,WOW, u ladies are BEAUTIFUL!!! sexy chivers 6,19,21,26,30,31,and 37, great,great view. sexy sexy No.6 can i be ur man? please,please,please reply, hit me at i will be honored if u do.

  • Kevin

    #4 and #8 If these two are chicks, their commitment is impressive. Out of the lot I would never guess they were dudes.

  • KLB

    4, 8, and 9…would still hit 'em

  • friendlymunki

    #5 is Lee Hyori…she is not a ladyboy…cmon chive!

  • Nick

    They shine eh…? It must be the radiation.

  • musetv

    you… bastards!!!

  • Andy B

    Damn…….oh well hit 'em anyway!

  • juggernaut

    no way..the chive is fucking with us. at least a few of these have got to be real, non-penis'd chicks.

    my dong is so confused right now…

  • Cristi Palincas

    And somehow, they're STILL hotter than the ridiculous "look at me wearing contacts to make my eyes bigger and auditioning for the latest tentacle rape movie" asian (wo)men we see everywhere. When born males look better than females… something is wrong with the world.

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  • bill


  • Cornerkick215

    #5, say it aint so! WTF!

    • Larry

      no. she's a woman alright. no ladyboy.

  • Sisyphus

    Ahh, Bad Form!

  • Wes

    Chive noooooooooo! Btw #17 just don't tell anyone…

  • Geshko

    #1 /4 is a fairly good conversion, #2 eh, one look at #3 I knew the whole gallery was ladyboys.
    I'm slightly ashamed to admit that didn't stop me from admiring #10 and the larger #4…

  • Stablu

    I call top!

  • Just Me

    Yep, #6 was a dead give-away.

  • 0mer

    wait what.

    goddamnit chive….

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