theCHIVERY presents all new t-shirt designs!

chivery new theCHIVERY presents all new t shirt designs!

Today theCHIVERY has four new awesome designs by Headline Shirts. We’ve also been given the exclusive design for the highly-anticipated The Original Chronic. And don’t forget to check out the Sarah Palin Ignorance Is Bliss. It’s hilarious. Also included is one of Headline’s most famous designs, Cold War Vet.

Over the next couple weeks, theCHIVERY will be rolling out all new designs as well as contests to have the Chivers design their own t-shirts. We’ve also been getting hundreds of request demanding MOAR of the mythical Chive Logo Tees. All I can say is that we’re printing them as fast as we can and expect another round of chaos early next week.

Chive On!

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