These mail order brides might be trying a little too hard to be sold (26 Photos)

We all have our hobbies. Mine just happens to be fantasy shopping for mail-order brides with a bottle of Jack. Last night's batch of potential wives must have really wanted the f*@k out of the Ukraine, man. Needless to say, browsing didn't turn to buying. But maybe a few strike your fancy, Chivers?

  • Brad

    #13 I love the look on her face in this pic, "what should I do, act sexy and hammer this nail? what's the premise here again? sexy carpenters are big in America, ok"

    • Anon

      • justlooking

        Thank you Anon. That was needed here.

      • IU Chivette

        Exactly what I thought at first!

    • rayray

      isn't this chick is in a video?

  • mr. misty

    #12 There could be some problems in the long-term with that one

    • Brad

      pic on the left says "come get some", pic on the right says "come any closer and I'll shoot your johnson off!"

    • Lucky

      in mother russia, gurl bend you over

    • aosux

      At least she is hot. Some of these bitches are fugly

  • jason

    Add to cart

  • disturbed

    #7 Sold!

    • 4UALL

      crap! late again!

    • Blake

      I say we get a pool going and all pitch in to free this one. I'm married, but we can still put her in my name !O.O!

    • simba

      I wouldn't kick her out of bed.

    • Fisheyes

      What the fuck is sticking out of her bellybutton?

    • naysayer

      only hot one in the bunch imo

  • Matt-Man

    #5 Why pay for that when your wife will look like that in a few years for free?

    • disturbed

      Needs more cow bell!

    • Your mom


  • wztarheel

    Wow, There are some ugos in the Ukraine.

    • Brand_n

      There are ugly people everywhere in the world, but some of these women definitely look like they lived in Pripyat in the mid-80s.

  • RangerW

    ya this batch wasn't the greatest. although I do agree with jason #22 definitely made the cut.

  • Brad

    #15 photoshopped face on another body…

    • Mustache


    • mental_farts

      thank god for doggy style

  • b-ry

    i'd order #5 to cook for me…clearly she knows how.
    and #7 for the bedroom.

  • gunnerl

    i''l have a #4 #7 #15 and a #22 to go please

  • Ebiggz

    #15 is it me or does her crotch look soaked?

    • CNB

      looks like she jizzed on her self

    • kodakkid

      yeah she got wet thinking of me

    • Alessandro

      yeah… she is so wet!!

    • Jonny


  • Junior

    #5, is this the buy one and get one of equal or lesser value free entry? Also is shipping includied?

    • disturbed

      Hopefully shipping isn't by the pound.

      • dizzard

        I don't think they make flat rate boxes in her size

  • 4UALL

    #5 is the hottest…………….if you're into those "Glamour Shots" women LMFAO! :-p

  • Kris

    #5 FTW

    • DaddyD


  • Jesus Enzo

    i'll take #7. put it on my black card.

    • Ethan

      got that right, nothing wrong there

    • Ouboet

      Let's start the bidding at $1000.

  • JohnQ

    #5 No thanks.. o.0

  • iCad

    isn't there a thing where female animals "present" to the males their yummy naughty bits during mating season? is #15 presenting to me?

  • Urban

    #4 Would like to see a closeup of that rack.

  • JohnQ

    #13 me gusta mucho.

  • chiz niz

    #13 I hope she don't bend that nail over, she's using the wrong hammer!

    • Lisa

      I have bad news for you gentlemen…

  • JohnQ

    #19 i wish she grabbed my snake like that B)

  • ryecrash

    #19 Despite the fact that she's dressed up as the Queen of the Jungle, she's still hot.

  • bsnaggy

    #12, "I can fuck you, or fuck you up. Your choice preacher"

  • Justin Hall

    Only #3 #7 #12 #13 and #22 should be on anyone's buyer list. John must've been hitting the Jack pretty hard before this shopping spree.

  • JD Marsh

    #20 in soviet russia…leopard wears you

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