Wallpaper Wednesday (22 HQ Photos)

  • http://twitter.com/brewdub17 @brewdub17

    #16 Both are extinct

  • denzino

    have you guys seen Willow lately? http://properlynaughty.tumblr.com/day/2011/04/10

  • top dog

    #1 This guy is a badass, you see him comming, you run.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeffrey-D-Wolske/1093102581 Jeffrey D Wolske

    i love wallpaper wednesday

  • Christian Lander

    #6 Stuff White People Like # 75, The Big Lebowski

    When it comes to the Coen brothers, white people can't get enough. Their films are intelligent, complex, brilliantly done, and funny, sort of. You see, these filmmaking brothers often tackle large issues with dense, layered scripts in movies that most white people think are funny, but they can't be sure until they see someone smarter than them laughing at the screen. Fortunately, the Coen brothers made a move, The Big Lebowski, which is the most straightforward funny movie that they have ever made and therefore is the absolute favorite of white people everywhere.

    The movie is a modern update on film noir, something that all white people profess to like but don't actually watch. In fact white people generally consider The Big Sleep to be the best film that they've never seen. Most white people will say that they love The Big Lebowski because it has good characters, it's quotable, and it's just fantastic filmmaking. But as we've proven time and again, the film simply provides white people with another excuse for themed drinking, specifically, White Russians. If you take nothing away from this film, just remember that it is impossible to order this drink without a white person immediately quoting something from the movie.
    This probably explains why every time you've had one of these drinks a white person has started yelling at you about Donnie or telling you that the Dude abides. If you happen to have any Spanish blood in you, then a quick quote from the Jesus character played by John Turturro will almost certainly net you a second free drink courtesy of a delighted white person.

  • Rick

    #3 best out of all

  • Bob

    #21 is so hot I'd have to stare at it all day………………..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Markus-Menster/100001883872320 Markus Menster

    How about HQ pics that are really in high res? 800X600 is quite pathetic for widescreens … WE WANT HD!

  • JAFitC

    Aaaaaaaaaand your point is?

  • http://www.facebook.com/chad.jabara Chad Jabara

    The single greatest collection of wallpapers anywhere…thank you Chive!

  • Khaki Mallard

    #15 I love that show!

  • nightmare

    Why can't y just change your post title these are NOT HD THERE TOO DAM SMALL .How many times have people got to say this already .

  • cantkillcastro

    Meh…. I was gonna feed the troll, but just… meh.

  • Lisa

    I disagree with your use of the term "white person" Christian. I know well-spoken people from all creeds & colors. I know illiterate people in those groups as well. I don't judge them and am friendly with all because their life experience could be worth more than their education.

    But I do agree with most of your content. I like reading things that are well written & articulate. If someone doesn't know the difference between their, they're & there, it tells me that they may not be educated. While life education is valid, book learning has its merits as well.

    If I find an error in an article, I note it, but I don't bother pointing it out to anyone else. It doesn't matter in the scheme of things. Life goes on. 🙂

    As for Cake & #21, you noticed she has feet?!? I have bad news for you. (Besides…those shoes are killer. I'd wear them in bed too.) 🙂

  • Randolph

    Hopefully they HuGesize these wallpapers so I can actually use them someday.

  • Aaron

    Need higher quality! 😦 Image quality doesn't do justice as a background.

  • Tyler

    #1 Sword of Doom. Epic.Fucking.Movie.

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