Welcome to the 2011 Awkward Sleeping Position Olympics (25 Photos)

So tell me, who takes down the gold?

  • OdinsxRightxEye

    Cats sleep anywhere.. apparently, Asians do too.

  • boredouttamymind

    #3 bahaha

  • luckyguy

    Instead of sleeping you should end your day with http://www.oneadayporno.com

  • JRW

    Seems like a few of them are staged

  • Dustmiretheturd

    #22 me too

  • oparsono

    too many people, not enough beds…

  • dave

    sleepy people are sleepy

  • minorityofthemajority

    #3 is not a sleeping position, it is a carbon monoxide leak.

  • SGT Jake

    I have 2 for you chivers but no pics. In basic training standing in the chow line. as long as that front guy doesn't fall asleep. and also while in basic training "makin your bunk" layin on the floor to pull the sheets and blanket tight.and wrappin your arms around the lower bars to male it look like you are doin something.

  • juggernaut

    #16 sleeping, or subtly taking a dump?

    • Meeshbee

      I'm in China. I've seen old people and children sleep like this – it's seriously pimp status.

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  • codvip

    #3 Could you kindly point me in direction?

  • Andrew

    #12 That one is funny 🙂 xD

  • Carlos SLB

    #25 suprise bj´s XD

  • Sean

    Is Pic 11 Sophia from Teen Mom? I swear that's her!

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