• Kent

    mute it. play some other songs on itunes. watch it over and over again.

    i would think she's the russian female version of Barney.

  • Shazamm

    A) she was potentially sexy
    B) Someone has already said Katie Perry did something similar, with a bra though.
    C) It was still wonderful watching them bounce
    D) That song was way catchier than anything Kesha or Rebecca Black ever did.

    Before you can put this down seriously, you have to examine American culture and ask yourself, "Is this really any worse?"


  • CNB

    babushka in her tushka! nice rack, is she for sale??

    • DaveAmi

      Add to cart!!

  • captainobvious

    hell yeah that was inappropriate! I'm almost positive she was lip sinking!

    (in my best Drago voice) I must break her.

  • blue_420

    Found: Nadia "Angina" Igoshina Nadezhda Olégovna

    • blue_420

      Is this the same song? I can't tell. No kids though.

      • nhnh


      • Geshko

        I like this Russian Hanna Montana better than our version. About the same amount of talent, but the Russian one is *much* easier on the eyes.

  • Fred

    Exactly! WTF people? Girls on American beaches and in high school cheerleading teams are less dressed than this girl.

    I want my 3 minutes back.

    • Matt

      its def inappropriate. w/e shes wearing has absolutely no support lol. Her boobs are flopping all over the place, with the kids right next to her.

      if there were no kids then it would be different

      • someguy

        Hei Matt, I have some bad news for you…

      • its_forge

        News flash: kids know what boobs are.

        • Anthony

          SO BECAUSE kids do know what is porn, alcohol, cigrettes we should let them go along it too?

          • bumble

            It was painful trying to read that

  • tjh

    thumbs up if you saw the russian pedo bear pop up at the end.

  • stan

    We have the "Wiggles" and they get the "Jiggles"

  • Matt

    what shes wearing dude. Her boobs are flopping all over the place with kids right next to her

    • Shilling

      Children aren't afraid of boobs. For that matter, adults in other countries generally aren't either. Boobs are only a horrifying public threat to national security in America for some dumbass reason.

      • ham

        because its a sexual thing, for anyone in any country. when you have a skimpy woman with her boobs almost flopping out of her top with kids dancing around, obviously admiring her, yeah thats inappropriate.

  • mikey

    Paula wrote it

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  • RWJf

    Russian chicks are HOT ,damn i wanna go there!

  • faemike55

    and this is inappropriate how?

  • Jelly

    They're just boobs. Get over it. It wasn't that long ago that those tikes were sucking on them anyway.

  • The Pict

    Paula dear, that wouldn't happen to be a video of you, would it? 🙂

  • russel

    add to cart?


  • Boby Morera

    what's the word for "awesome" in russian?

  • Anon
  • @DustinMartian

    I didn't know this was foreign. All pop music sounds like this to me.

  • Anon

    "They're just tits"…?!? I don't think that is even a real sentence. That is like some kind of trick with grammar and semantics or something…it doesn't…that just doesn't make any sense.

    You are like some kind of word magician, because I don't have any idea how you pulled that sentence out in the first place. Oh, I keep looking, thinking I will see the trick, but I never do. In the end, it just makes no fucking sense.

  • JasonMarak713

    The only part wrong here was that she was wearing that next to kids. That's it. Kids are being introduced to sexuality to young as it is, no need to flaunt it.
    However, if she was wearing that on stage by herself….

  • Dlaka

    She is only #2 on chart. 😦

  • Jeff DeBoer

    In Soviet Russia, boobs jiggle you!

  • Nick

    i also don't see a problem with this at all. maybe if she started making out with one of the kids, plus she's practically a kid.

  • Ed Chapman

    Yes, yes, yes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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