• wolf1e

    would definitely still do #1 #12 and #17

  • Indeed

    cameron diaz's picture: things you can't unsee

  • Windelarien

    #28 egg?

  • Adam Sandler

    Buscemi eyes was a better post. Cone heads might of been better then just bald too

  • https://www.facebook.com/alisyahon Alisya Hon

    #28 never knew cameron diaz was a conehead!

  • taydiggz

    buschemi eyes was way funnier

  • ManofPie

    #7 #12 #17 #20

    Still hot.

  • ManUtdFn

    #25 Billy Crystal!

    • ManUtdFn

      You look mahvelous!!!

  • Maynard B.

    #2,#18,#24- And I thought they were ugly before.

  • northerner

    Not cool. Yuck.

  • MariJane

    Oddly enough, I think majority pull it off, bald or not…Kudos.

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    […] Celebrities Photoshopped Bald… Did anyone see this? Celebs photoshopped bald : theCHIVE […]

  • Wookie

    Should have had Bruce Willis.

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  • Edward

    #26 Looks just like Dopey from Snow White

    • SDO


  • SDO

    Actually, Tom Cruise looks better without hair but he is still an a$$. I still don't understand Sarah Jessica's appeal. Someone enlighten me.

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  • Skeeter

    SJP acutually looks bettter bald, takes away from that horseface!

  • ragu4u

    Many look much better after the bald treatment. No joke!

  • http://kisselpaso.com/stupid-stuff-on-the-internet-celebrities-get-the-bald-treatment-photos/ Stupid Stuff On the Internet: Celebrities Get the Bald Treatment [PHOTOS] - 93.1 KISS-FM

    […] website The Chive has done just that. Hit it up here to see what 30 other celebs would look like bald. the Chive Category: Mike and Tricia Mornings, […]

  • katie

    Some of these are done horribly but still neat to see.

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